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Want to earn money while promoting Jane? Find out more information below.

Become An Affiliate

Want to earn a commission for each sale you send to us? Become a Jane affiliate! To apply, you will need to have a social media following, blog or website. Both big and small audiences are always welcome! We will give you all the tools you need to succeed.

What's in It for You

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400+ Products Daily

Over 400 new deals go live every night. Use our data feed and keep your site looking fresh and fun every day!
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Deep Links

We’ve got you covered with deep linking tools to help your users find the specific product they’re looking for.
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Proactive Affiliate Management

Our in-house affiliate team knows the affiliate world inside and out to help you succeed.
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Generous Payouts

For each sale you send, you will be competitively compensated. Bring us new customers and we’ll reward you with a little bit more.
For questions and more information, please contact

Become An Influencer

We’re looking for strategic content creators in the fashion and lifestyle industry who are passionate about sharing deals and affordable products with their audiences. As a Jane influencer, you’ll promote seasonal marketing campaigns and overall brand awareness. We work with nano, micro and macro influencers on the following platforms: Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook. 

We offer both paid collaborations and collaborations in exchange for items from Jane. If you believe you’d be a great fit to represent the Jane brand, submit an application below. We can’t wait to work with you!
For questions and more information, please contact

Why Partner With Jane?

krychele valenzuela

“Working with Jane was seamless. Minimal back and forth, clear expectations and speedy payment. They know how to treat an influencer!”

- Krychele Valenzuela, @carnationsandlace

“I love working with Jane. They have a fun variety of new products my community loves. Jane is always really helpful and supportive and makes the whole collaboration process smooth!”

 - Ashley Reeves, @ashleyrosereeves

ashley reeves
ashley reeves

“Not only is Jane a great resource I can't wait to share with people (I mean, who wouldn't want great deals on boutique items?) but working with the Jane team is also fabulous. They truly care about the influencer and the process, not just the end goal. I love that they are willing to think outside the box!”

- Jeanette Johnson, @jseverydayfashion

"It has been an immense joy to work with Jane in a brand-influencer related capacity. Without fail, the staff has been upfront, genuine, accommodating and generous. I never had to worry about their integrity and have always been pleased with their prompt communication."

- Tara Aman, @misstarasun

tara aman
tanner maan

"Jane is an absolute joy to work alongside. I am so thankful for brands, like Jane, that have a beautiful mission and passionate care for their customers. As a creator, trust and communication are two of the most important factors in a successful partnership and Jane excels in both areas. I hope to work with Jane for years to come.”

- Tanner Mann, @tannermmann

Other Partnerships

Interested in running a giveaway, a brand sponsorship deal or partnering with us in any other capacity? Send your requests to and we will be happy to discuss opportunities to work together.

Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is an affiliate program?

Jane pays you a commission for promoting our deals. You place links on your website encouraging people to click over to our website and you earn money for each sale made through those links.

How does the affiliate program work?

Here is a basic example: Let’s say you wrote a blog post about great deals. In that post, you use your affiliate link (found in the network) to link to Jane. If your reader clicks through your affiliate link, lands on our site and then makes a purchase, we pay you a commission for sales that take place in the cookie period.

Is there a cost?

There is never a cost to be part of the Jane affiliate program.

Do you have any coupons or promo codes? Can I get a vanity coupon?

At this time, does not accept any coupons or promo codes.

Will you send me free products?

Most likely no. Jane is a marketplace and the merchants who sell on our site are typically small business owners. Asking them to send products to our affiliate partners eats into their profits.

Do I get a discount for being a Jane affiliate?

We do not offer our affiliates additional discounts at this time.

Why do you use an affiliate network?

Jane uses an affiliate network to act as a neutral 3rd party. The network is responsible for tracking all your traffic and sales driven and paying commissions to you.

If a customer makes a purchase through the mobile app do I still get credit?

Yes, Jane is able to track both iOS and Android app purchases.

Where can I promote Jane?

On your website, blog, social media and in your email campaigns. You must follow all FTC Disclosure Guidelines, Dot Com Disclosure Guidelines and the CAN-SPAM ACT.

Can I promote Jane in emails?

Yes, so long as you are CAN-SPAM compliant, you may promote Jane in emails to your opted-in customers.

Can I promote Jane on Pinterest?

Yes, so long as you disclose your relationship in a manner acceptable to our program Terms & Conditions.

Can I promote Jane on Facebook?

Yes, you will need to include a disclosure with each post that states it is an “Ad” or “Sponsored” post. This also needs to be placed within the first 3 lines of the post so it is not cut off.

Can I promote Jane on Instagram?

Yes, you will need to include a disclosure with each post that states it is an “Ad” or “Sponsored” post. This also needs to be placed within the first 3 lines of the post so it is not cut off.

Can I promote Jane on Instagram/Facebook Stories?

Yes, you will need to include a disclosure with each post that states it is an “Ad” or “Sponsored” post. If your story includes audio, you will need to verbalize the disclosure as well as have text on the image.

How do I make sure I am compliant with my disclosures?

If you provide reviews, rankings, endorsements, testimonials, blogs, or content of any kind about any Jane product and/or service for which you receive commissions, you must clearly disclose the fact that you receive compensation in a clear and prominent place in close proximity to your endorsement. This disclosure must appear on every page that includes your endorsement and cannot require the consumer to scroll through multiple page views or click on secondary links behind vague words such as "Disclaimer."

What does Jane consider adequate disclosure?

Jane considers the use of “Ad” or “Sponsored” to be adequate disclosure. The use of the word “Affiliate,” without defining what it means, is never considered adequate disclosure.
For example:

Not acceptable: The following post may contain affiliate links.

Not acceptable: The following post may contain affiliate links. Click here to read my full disclosures.

Acceptable: The following post may contain affiliate links. That means if you click and then buy something, I will make a small commission. Thank you for supporting my blog.

Where can I go to learn more about FTC requirements?

You can visit the FTC website here:

And read Disclosures 101 for Social Media Influencers here:

Can I use Jane and/or in my post title?

While you are permitted to use our brand name in your post title and/or social media, it is not recommended. Some of your readers might simply open another browser window and navigate directly to our site. If they do, I cannot attribute them to you and you will lose out on any commissions you might have otherwise earned.

Do I sign into or Impact Radius to promote you?

Our affiliate program is hosted on Impact Radius, who acts as a neutral 3rd party. You will need to log into Impact Radius to create links. Think of and our deals as your inspiration, but Impact Radius as your working platform.

Now that I am promoting Jane, how do I pull reports in Impact Radius so I know if I’ve sold anything?

Impact Radius has many reporting options for affiliates. We suggest visiting our Best Practices section and reviewing those options.

Can you tell me the specific products my customers are purchasing?

Yes! We love helping our affiliates optimize so they can make the best commission for their time. Just shoot us a quick email and someone on the Jane affiliate team will get back to you.

How and when do I get paid?

Jane uses our affiliate networks to remit affiliate payments. Impact Radius has their own requirements for getting you a commission check, so you should confirm that you are set up with them correctly.

I put up a banner, why aren’t I seeing any sales?

Generally speaking, banner images are the single worst way to drive traffic to a merchant website. Banner images do little more than help grow our brand. Studies show that while banner images are good for growing a brand, customers actually click on product or text links.

Can I use images from

Yes! So long as you are promoting that product on the Jane site, you are free to use its image. Please do not distort the image in any way by making it taller, wider, etc.

Do you offer a product feed?


Why was my order voided?

There are three possibilities: (1) the customer returned the product, (2) another affiliate won the sale, (3) it was a personal order placed by you.