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Build-a-bangle Blowout! .925 STERLING!


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Build-A-Bangle Blowout!  Build your very own customizable bangle just the way you like!  All items come SEPARATE.  You can add a little or a lot!  The Bangle is $3.29.  Each initial charm is $3.29. These are darling when stacked and will make the perfect personalized gift!  A bangle with 1 initial is only $6.58! But wait, there's more!

For a limited time...

EACH BANGLE COMES WITH A FREE DANGLE- (8mm Puffy Heart, 6mm Black Diamond Crystal, Blank Tag, 8mm Clear Crystal, Anchor, 8mm Freshwater Pearl) 

Bangles are rhodium plated and adjustable with the maximum size of approximately 7 1/2".

Initial charms come in two styles:  

Style 1 initials are 3/4" round and are thickly dipped in .925 Sterling silver and then oxidized for vintage look. 

Style 2 initials are very simplistic and are approximately 1/2" tall also being heavily dipped in .925 Sterling silver. 


Bangle ($3.29)  Initial Style 1: A & B ($6.58) with FREE ANCHOR  (Total $9.87)

Bangle ($3.29)  Initial Style 2: L ($3.29) with FREE CRYSTAL (Total $6.58)                        

Bangle ($3.29)  Initial Style 2: J ($3.29) with FREE Black Diamond Crystal (Total $6.58)

Bangle ($3.29) w/ FREE Freshwater Pearl (Total $ 3.98).

We stand behind our products.  They are very high quality and you will love them!  Similar items sell at high end retailers for $34.99 without the option to customize!

Be sure to include your personalization requests at check out! Be specific so we can make your pretties how you wish!

Seller Profile

Savanna Hill


$2.99 for the first item and $0.25 for each additional item. US only. Estimated to ship by Aug 27.

Fine Print

No limit. US Only please. Check your address for accurate info-- we want your pretties to make it to you. All items are handmade in the US and shipped within 14 days after the deal closes via USPS with tracking.


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