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They Are Back! The Birthstone Family Tree Necklaces! choose your chain length! Gift ready!


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Back and Better than Ever!!! Get your family tree pendant in Silver, Bronze, and Gold! and for this deal Only! Choose up to 8 Crystals!!

New! Choose your chain length!! 14", 15", 16", 17", 18", 19", 20"!!

Stone options = January -Garnet, February -Amethyst, March -Aquamarine, April - Crystal, May -Emerald, June -Pearl, June-Light Amethyst, July -Ruby, August -Peridot, September -Sapphire, October -blue opal, October -Hot Pink, October -Rose, November -Topaz, December - Zircon

Each comes gift ready in a handstamped cotton filled gift box!

Tracing your ancestry can be exhilarating, and with these beautifully handcrafted family trees, you can carry a bit of your history with you! Each Pendant is custom made just for you :)choose the number and colors of your birthstones to fit the loved ones that they represent, and I will create your one of a kind gift and hang it on a sterling silver chain. Each piece is a unique work of art that you get to design!

Get the gift of Family, history, and above all love!!

 your purchase is helping to support my growing family and dreams. 

Seller Profile

Goldfish Inspirations


$3.99 for the first item and $0.99 for each additional item. US only. Estimated to ship by Aug 27.

Fine Print

Crystal will be placed in the branches in the order they are listed: from left to right- top to bottom (see numbered photo for example) *Please Specify which Crystal you prefer for each month with multiple options, If NOT Specified I will use whichever crystal I have in greater supply. PLEASE CHECK YOUR ORDER BEFORE YOU HIT SUBMIT! Once order is submitted, changes will only be accepted until 24 hrs after deal ends. After that initial time period a reconstruction fee will apply. **1” Name charms, & 1 ¼” quote are Not included at this price, they can be purchased in addition in my etsy store.**


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