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Two-Toned Bamboo Cutting Board - 8 Options!


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Product Description

Super Modern Chic personalized cocktail bamboo cutting boards at a steal of a deal for all fans just $9.99; it’s a deal you can’t pass up. They are perfect for all of your gift-giving needs any time of the year from: Wedding, Bridal Shower, Anniversary, Housewarming, Birthday and Christmas they make beautiful gift for family and friends! Bamboo cutting board is an eco-friendly gift that will be used every-day. One side of the cutting board is personalized for decoration and the other is used for food preparation.

| PRODUCT DETAILS | 8” x 6“ Bamboo cutting board is made of natural bamboo, a renewable resource.  Bamboo absorbs very little moisture, does not shrink or swell and is actually harder than most hard woods, making it a superior material for cutting boards.

| DESIGN OPTIONS | Choose your design from the 8 options available:

  • Entwined Monogram: 1or 3 Letters Only
  • Circle Monogram: 3 Letters Only
  •  Single Letter Design (Sample Design “K”): 1 Letter Max
  •  Name (Sample Design “THOMAS”): 12 Character Limit
  •  Letter and Name (Sample: G – Gallegos): 12 Character Limit
  •  USA or State Board (Sample: USA - The Castro's): 12 Character Limit *
  •  Family Tree (Sample: Jones Family): 12 Character Limit **Family is a default**
  •  Flower Design (Sample: The Garcia's): 12 Character Limit

^^Please pay careful attention to the character allotment for the design you choose^^

*Please note if your personalization does not fit onto your state shape we will use our creative expertise to place it where it looks best*

**Family is a default, it will always be printed onto the design**


{Monogramming for an Individual} You may choose to use either the first initial, last initial, or all three initials...If you are doing a three letter monogram with the middle letter larger than the other two, then the middle letter should be the initial of the last name. Alana Marie Smith would be monogrammed aSm with the "S" slightly larger.

{Monogramming for a Couple} As a rule of thumb, place the woman's first initial, followed by the couple's last initial slightly larger, followed by the man's first initial (the same size as the woman's first initial). Alana and Robert Smith would be monogrammed aSr with the "S" slightly larger

| SHIPPING / DOUBLE CHECK ORDER | Please enter the personalization EXACTLY as you would like it before you submit your order! All cutting boards will be will be crafted the fonts shown, if you need modifications feel free to email us and we will create a custom listing at regular price of $24.99. Make your order and address are accurate BEFORE you check out, we cannot make absolutely any changes once your order is submitted.

Seller Profile

So Kali


$3.99 for the first item and $2.99 for each additional item. US only. Estimated to ship by Jul 31.

Fine Print

Due to nature of the bamboo there is a slight grain and color variations from piece to piece. These variations can alter the color of the monogramming which can vary from a dark brown to a light brown, which gives it its unique characteristic. FINAL SALE, due to personalization. Embellishments/Flowers showcasing only, not included in the deal. Make sure has your most up to date address we will only ship to the address submitted when the order is placed. Make sure your order is spelled correctly as there will be NO CHANGES allowed once the order is submitted and due to the nature of the orders they can’t be cancelled/Refunded/Returned.


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