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$28.99 | Pure Sterling Silver signature necklaces (Your hand writing)

Pure Sterling Silver signature necklaces (Your hand writing)
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Product Description

Your hand writing is one of the kinds and absolutely unique in the whole world, so will be your necklace!

We can convert your handwritten name or signature in to the necklace to create one of the kind heirloom to last for lifetime!


*Sterling Silver

Necklace will measure about 1.5" (depending on name length)

Chain will be about 16” long

1 to 10 letters per name.

-------- HOW TO ORDER------------

Write your name or your signature on the paper. Sharpie works best but please use a bold Pen

Take a photo and email to me at (please note the email address if different then my main one, this one is set up just for these orders)

The email will need your order number and name the order was under attached to it.

Please put this in the subject line and into the email. This will help your order go smoothly.

You’re welcome to scan it in and email as well, please email me if you have any questions or problems.

Please keep in mind I will try and get as close to your signature as possible. The pictures are real samples so you can see we get close. Please be aware that these are not made in a factory so there might be slight variation from the picture to the necklace, sometime we have to make small changes so the necklace will connect.

 Because of the uniqueness of this item there will be no refunds.

Seller Profile

A Bit Of Alexandria


$3.99 for the first item and $1.99 for each additional item. US only. Estimated to ship by Apr 3.

Fine Print

Please keep in mine that I try hard to have each item look the same as the pictures that are emailed over but they are handmade so there might be a slight variation.


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