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$14.99 | Teething Necklaces!

Teething Necklaces!
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Product Description

We all know babies love to chew.. and when they chew on your nice jewelry it can be frustrating, damaging, and dangerous! So.. here is your solution!
Food-Grade Silicone, BPA free, FDA tested, aka - Super Safe!
With pull-away clasp, when they start to tug hard and fast, you won’t need to worry about your poor neck!
Similar pieces sell for upwards of $36 from other shops!

Black Flat & Round, Gray Flat & Round, Aqua Flat & Round

Seller Profile

Mindy Mae’s Market


$2.99 for the first item and $0.99 for each additional item. US only. Estimated to ship between Feb 1 - Feb 3.

Fine Print

These necklaces are ready to ship! We take pride in our products, so if for any reason you are unhappy, please let us know within 7 days of receiving so we can get you taken care of.


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