work-life balance

It’s our birthday over at Jane and we’re turning 6! I can’t believe this amazing company has been around for 6 years! Every day I am grateful that Jane has been a part of me and my family’s life. To celebrate, I wanted to give you a little peek into Jane’s amazing company culture and their commitment to work-life balance.

Whether you’re a a work-at-home mom, a working woman, or working dad, you’ve probably struggled at some point in your life to find the balance within your roles and responsibilities. Unless ,of course, you have super human powers, then you probably have no clue what I’m talking about and can tune out now. Balance isn’t as easy to come by as we’d like. Sometimes we tend to overload our plates with much more than we can handle and spread ourselves so thin that, in the end, it does more harm than good (that may or may not be a direct quote from my husband). But as much as I hate to admit it, he’s right (only on this topic though). Because it’s true; when we load our plates with too much, even when we think we are doing a fine job at juggling it all, there’s usually someone suffering.

Achieving a work-life balance is especially important to Jane – but unlike other companies that talk-the-talk of “balance,” Jane actually walks the walk.

From the sellers we work with to the awesomely-awesome Jane staff, Jane enables everyone to achieve balance.

Many of our sellers are women who took a chance on a dream. Many started (and still run) their businesses from their homes, with—yep, you guessed it—cute little tots running around. We’re just tickled to know that by selling with us, they’re finding fulfillment professionally, while not having to sacrifice their home life.

work-life balance

At a whopping 107 employees, you may be shocked to find out that our male to female ratio is almost 50-40. A lot of which have children or other obligations (I’m talking about you @sir_winstonthe bulldog) that they are balancing with work. In fact, a lot of the girls on our team are able to work from home so they don’t ever have to choose between being a mom and being an employee! And for the employees that work in the office, bringing their kids, toddlers, and babies in isn’t just an option, but encouraged! One of our developers, Dillon, often brings his adorable baby girl into the office. How’s that for balance?

I can honestly say that I’m privileged to be a part of this awesome company that has provided me that work-life balance. I’ve always battled the desire to pursue a career as a business woman doing the thing I love most: writing. But when I had my first child, there was no way I could leave that little boy. Shortly after, I turned in my business attire for mom jeans and stained t-shirts. Part of me always wanted to jump back into the workplace, but I knew my heart was with my son. One day, and two adorable kids later, I stumbled upon Jane.

work-life balance

It was a dream come true. I had never heard of a company that was so family focused. What CEO takes a crying toddler to the kitchen to grab a snack so his mom can finish a meeting with her department? Mike McEwan, CEO of Jane, does. What company builds a custom playroom and mother’s room so working moms can bring their kids into the office or take care of their babies in privacy, while staring at the most gorgeous modern chandelier ever? Jane does. The culture that has been created within this amazing company is unlike any other I’ve ever heard of. Thank you Jane for allowing me to balance both of my loves!

If you’re in the area and interested in working for us, we do have some listings. If you’re not, we want to help you achieve balance in your own way. Here are some of our best tips to achieving a work-life balance.

Create a Schedule and stick to it

Whether you are working in office or from home, make a schedule for yourself. Sticking to a set schedule will help you balance your day-to-day tasks. Set a time for checking emails, working on projects, spending time with your kids/family and make sure to set aside some “me” time for a little re-charge.

Make a task list

The easiest way to manage a busy life is to make a task list and prioritize those tasks. Whether you are kicking it old school with a piece of paper and pen, or use a task management app such as Wunderlist, getting your “to-do’s” written (or typed) so you can visually see what needs to be accomplished will help you balance your crazy life.

Learn to say no

It’s easy to become people pleasers and say yes to every opportunity presented to you. Learning to say no is completely and 100% okay, and can sometimes be invigorating. Now obviously it’s not kosher to say no to your boss that needs a project completed, unless you are interested in kissing your job goodbye, but it is okay to miss out on play dates occasionally or say no to a service opportunity that may arise when your schedule is about to burst at the seams. I am not implying that you become selfish with your time, but be realistic with it for sure.

Limit distractions

If you work from home and know working while your kids awake is going to wind up with one on your lap hitting the keyboard while the other one cries at your feet, choose to work when they are asleep or while at a friends or with a babysitter. If social media is a bit of a time suck for you then turn your phone off (gasp). Turn off the TV while you are trying to get things done or bring headphones to work if you have a chatty desk mate. But make sure if these “distractions” are important to you, to add time for them into your schedule.

What are some other ways that have helped you find balance?