2021 finalist. Glossy Fashion Awards.

We’re just over here pinching ourselves! We’ve officially been selected as a finalist for Best Fashion Marketplace by the Glossy Fashion Awards by a panel of industry-leading judges.  

By showcasing our “We’re All JANE” national campaign that launched in January, we secured a spot on this year’s shortlist by drawing a parallel from our amazing diversity of product, to society at large: JANE is “one big kumbaya of e-commerce” that sets an example for how we can ALL get along better in the world.  We don’t discriminate between major labels and little boutiques. Everything from a pink potato peeler to a pair of designer sunglasses peacefully coexist.

“We’re all unique. We’re all complicated. We’re all beautiful. We’re all JANE.”

We’re honored to share the spotlight with TheYes and Faire. Winners will be announced June 17, 2021. You can read the official #GlossyAwards announcement here.