I am ecstatic, thrilled, super duper excited (okay you get the picture) that it is pretty much BBQ season!!! Yes I don’t think it officially starts until memorial day weekend so I am one week ahead of myself but hey, I am a warm weathered girl and I will jump the gun anytime it comes to warm weather activities.

BBQ’s are a blast and usually everyone chips in and brings their favorite dish… but just in case you find yourself planning the entire thing, here are a list of my favorite barbecue dishes. From an amazing side dish to the most refreshing summertime drink, your whole spread is covered with our Perfect BBQ Roundup!

Pulled Pork Sandwiches


Your main dish is covered. Seriously though, how delicious do these look? And coleslaw on a pulled pork sandwich is the real deal.

Source: Food Network

Killer Kabobs


It’s always fun to offer up little appetizers or finger foods at BBQ’s. And since kabobs are super easy to prepare, cook and eat, they are pretty much perfect for a backyard shenanza.

Source: Serious Eats

Shrimp Skewers


Do these not look amazing?? For your seafood loving guests, be sure to add a few of these babies to your menu. Even if you aren’t a fish fan, I am pretty sure these will still rock your world.

Source: The Cooking Jar

BBQ Baked Beans


So I have a confession. Baked beans are one of my very favorite BBQ foods. Annnd (I’m ashamed) I usually eat them the next day for breakfast, cold. Okay there I said it. I am a real life baked bean addict. But they are sooo good!

Source: Foodie Crush

BBQ Sauce


I’ve never actually made my own BBQ sauce because I have found two that I absolutely love (Stubbs and Sweet Baby Rays) but if you want to be ambitious, I searched the web for a delicious looking one.

Source: The Yummy Life

Pasta Salad


Sorry, it’s not really a BBQ if there isn’t a pasta salad present. I have made a super similar one and it is to die for! Plus if you have extras it’s a good little snack throughout the week.

Source: Six Sisters’ Stuff

Potato Salad


I came from a family where food is pretty much the center of every function… and we always have multiple sides to choose from… so if your family is like me, here is another tasty side to choose from.

Source: Real House Moms

Strawberry Lemonade


Coolers of soda work just great, but…. it’s kind of fun to serve up something fun and fancy.

Source: A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

Homemade Ice Cream


I have 4 words for you, fresh, peach, ice cream. Need I say more?

Source: Glorious Treats

Cookie Bars


And last but not least, because every BBQ needs two dessert choices, some carmelitas. These cookie bars are to die for good.

Source: The Baker Upstairs

Well, there you have it. A complete BBQ menu! Enjoy, my fellow barbecuing pal!