GIf of ladies in face masks and face masks on display.

Just like the rest of this year, Christmas and the holiday season are looking to be a little bit different. But never fear, we have a bunch of ideas to make sure you, your kiddos and the whole family still have a fun (and healthy!) holiday season.

1. Make It Virtual

This year has shown that the best way to stay safe but connect is to do so virtually. Instead of your usual Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, and Christmas dinner festivities, instead try getting together online. Best of all? Way less dishes and cleanup afterward. To help you make it more festive, we’ve added more Zoom backgrounds for you to download to liven up your get-together.

2. Festive Face Masks

Since we’re all wearing face masks this year anyway, why not make them more fun? We have a variety of face masks in holiday-themed patterns as well as some with pretty glamorous touches like rhinestones and sparkles. These on-theme face masks will make any of your face-to-face festivities safer and exciting.

3. Video Chat with Santa

If one of your family’s traditions is sitting on Santa’s lap, you might be wondering about a substitute this year. Well, schedule a video chat with Santa with Talk to Santa. If your kiddo isn’t up to that, they can always still write their own letter to Santa.

4. Connect with Older Relatives

While you’re writing a letter to Santa, you should also try writing a letter to an older relative. In addition to your usual Christmas cards, it would mean even more if each of your kids wrote a letter grandma and grandpa or whomever else in your family you might not be able to see face to face this year. Remind them how loved they are and how excited you are to see them again when the time comes.

We hope these ideas help you to have a fun and safe holiday season. Remember that wherever you are, you can still be together.