Necklaces are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. But sometimes it can be hard to know which necklace length you’re looking for when you’re shopping online. Additionally, it can be a challenge to figure out which necklaces go with which necklines. Well, worry no more! We’ve got some stellar necklace style tips that will make pairing your necklace with your outfit a breeze.

Necklace Lengths 101

When you’re buying necklaces online, it can be a struggle to know which length you want. Without picking up the jewelry and trying it on, or seeing an image of the product on a model, it just becomes guesswork. No worries! We’ve got this helpful illustration below that will help you know which necklace length falls where, so you can feel confident shopping for jewelry.

necklace style

14-16”: Called a choker or strand, this necklace wraps very loosely around your neck and shows it off.

18”: Often called a princess necklace, this piece of jewelry usually sits right on your clavicle.

20”: This necklace is often referred to as a matinee and is a pretty standard length.

22”: Typically falls at the top of your bust (but still considered a matinee).

24”: Generally ends at the middle of the bust or just below.

28-38”: Hangs below the bust. Necklaces that are 30” are often called opera jewelry and necklaces that are 36” are called a lariat.

Different Necklines

So now that you know the difference between necklaces and where they fall on your body, how do you know which jewelry goes best with your outfit? Jane is here to help!


necklace style

Bib necklaces can help “create” a longer neckline. Choose styles that cover the top of your cute crewneck and draw the eye downward.


necklace style

Statement necklaces + button-ups are a match made in heaven. Tuck it under the collar and let it peek out a little bit or hang below. It’s a subtle and stylish way to fancy up your look.


necklace style

Pendants with volume help fill the open space in a fun way. Bauble necklaces can add a bit of glam to any outfit.


necklace style

Long necklaces, like beads, help elongate your figure and balances out the wide horizontal neckline.


necklace style

Drop necklaces beautifully complement v-neck shirts or dresses. It follows the shape of the v and helps add a little sparkle.


necklace style

Chokers or collars are a great way to add extra flourish to an outfit without complicating it.

These are just a few of the possible necklines you might wear and necklaces you can pair with them. Don’t be afraid to play around with other jewelry you own and find out what best fits your style and what you love. And to add some more necklaces to your wardrobe, check out latest necklace deals here.