Gif of Golden Retriever, Weiner Dog/Husky mix, Double Merle Aussie, red golden lab.

It’s National Dog Day! We have lots of dog lovers here at Jane, so to celebrate, get to know our dogs! While you’re here, be sure to grab your furry friend a treat at

Honor and Aspen

These two darling dogs are a part of Email Specialist Taylor’s fur family.

Hi, my name is Honor. A Golden Retriever dog.

Honor, a Golden Retriever, is from Turkey and is the 1000th golden retriever to come from Turkey to America as part of Operation Turkey Dog.

Introducing Aspen. A Double Merle Aussie.

Aspen is a Double Merle Aussie. Her breed is not supposed to exist and was created due to poor breeding. Because of this, her breed is born deaf, blind, or both. Aspen was born deaf and has become partially blind. All of her training is in ASL or touch commands for when she eventually loses all her vision. Despite Aspen’s differences, she is just as capable as other dogs!


Meet Woody. A Bernedoodle puppy.

This is Merchant Associate Emily’s puppy, Woody! He is a 13 week old Bernedoodle. His favorite thing to do is lay on pillows and lick people’s heads. He loves people and always needs to say hi to every single new person he meets.

Fifa and Rooney

Meet Fifa and Rooney, Partnership Marketing Manager Sydney’s precious pals.

Hi, my name is Fifa. A Boston terrier dog.

Fifa, a Boston Terrier, is named after the soccer organization because Sydney’s husband loves soccer. Despite being teeny-tiny, Fifa can also jump almost 5 feet in the air!

Introducing Rooney. A Bull Terrier dog.

Rooney, a Bull Terrier, is known for being the same breed as Bullseye, the Target store mascot. He is also afraid of cardboard boxes.


Meet Belle. A Maltipoo dog.

This is Copywriter Kendra’s Maltipoo, Belle! Belle’s favorite things to do are spoon and play with squeak toys. Her worst fear is semi-trucks. Even though Belle is super small, she snores like a grandpa and has the strength of a bodybuilder.


Hi, my name is Fitz. A mixed dog rescue

Meet Fitz, Merchant Associate Amy’s fur baby. Fitz was found on a reservation in New Mexico after living on the streets for about 5 months. He loves squirrels, ducks and snow (all of which he learned about in the last year). He is utterly terrified of air conditioning.


Introducing Nora. A black and tan dog.

Say hello to Merchant Associate Libby’s friend, Nova! She is really a fish disguised as a  dog. When Nova isn’t swimming, she loves to play soccer or harass the resident squirrels. She is starting medical alert training to assist with Libby’s heart condition.


Meet Ruby. A Red Lab.

This is Supply Team Manager April’s dog, Ruby. She’s perfect in every way. She full body snuggles all night every night, loves hiking and swimming, and loves being with her baby brothers all day.


Hi, my name os Ernie. A Weiner dog and Husky mix.

Say hi to Ernie, Supply Account Manager Meghan’s pup. He’s a Weiner Dog/Husky mix that loves to be the center of attention. He loves to nuzzle you when he snuggles, sings like a husky and is absolutely terrified of all cups and human beverages! If you can’t find him he’s probably hiding in the shower — his favorite place to hang out.

Zeus and Chip

Introducing Zeus and Chip. Two tri-colored Parti Yorkies.

Meet Community & Commerce Specialist Hayley’s two tri-colored Parti Yorkies, Zeus and Chip! Zeus is afraid of the most random things, including windshield wipers, and Chip is tiny but fearless and loves big dogs. They love toys and treats, playing fetch and playing with their pup friends.


Meet Ruca . Half Lab and half Newfoundland.

This is System Administrator CJ’s girl, Ruca. She’s half Lab and half Newfoundland. Ruca sleeps about 16 hours a day but is always down to hike to the top of a mountain if you bring some treats.

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