It’s Small Business Saturday! As a former small business and a supporter of small businesses across the country, this is one of our favorite days! Jane began when our founders, Mike and Megan McEwan, created Jane as a way to provide for their family after the company Mike worked for went out of business. The McEwans’ passion for helping businesses grow and flourish is because they’ve been there themselves. 

Sellers are the heart and soul of our business and we do everything we can to help them be successful. That success isn’t just defined by sales, but in giving our sellers the freedom to support their family and spend quality time with them.

When you shop on Jane, you’re actually shopping from thousands of independent sellers in the Jane marketplace. Everything you see on our website is sold by boutiques sharing their products with us and you. This means that every purchase you make directly benefits their families. Here’s how selling on Jane has changed these sellers’ lives.


“We’ve grown enough to be able to employ several family members and friends, including my adult special-needs brother who would not be able to have a job elsewhere.”


We are a mom-owned business supported by a team of amazing moms who help keep things running smoothly. Thanks to our amazing customers and Jane’s flexible platform, we are able to offer a great option for moms to work while still keeping their focus on their families!”


Limeberry has grown from providing for one family to providing for 10 families over the past few years with the awesome support of Jane and Jane customers buying from our small business!”

Seeing our sellers achieve their goals, and support their families and communities is what Jane is all about. So even though Small Business Saturday is just one day a year, you can help support our spectacular sellers by shopping today—and every day—on Jane! To learn even more about our sellers, and how you’ve affected their lives, be sure to check out this video.