Obsessed with Netflix’s original series Bridgerton? You’re not alone. Beyond the addicting storytelling of Shonda Rimes, this series is highlighted by its stunning style as what’s been dubbed as “RegencyCore”. You may be wondering, what is RegencyCore exactly? Think corsets, pearls, puff-sleeves, empire waisted silhouettes and decadent, maximalist floral patterns. 

Love the look? We put together some style ideas inspired by the hit show.

Pearl Accessories

“Do it. Be bold.” — Eloise Bridgerton

A must-have for the RegencyCore trend. Whether you go subtle or all-out with pearls, you’ll have other queens proclaiming “Flawless my dear.”

Lovely in Lace

“The social season is upon us.” — Lady Whistledown

Frilly and feminine, you are sure to be the belle of the ball in delicate lace.

Floral Dresses

Allow them to come to you with these fun and flirty floral-patterned dresses.

Floral patterns too bold for you? Add a touch of floral with these blooming earrings.

Puff Sleeve Tops

“A pairing like that, well, would certainly be most enchanting indeed.” — Queen Charlotte

Pair yourself with this timeless look. Princess perfection itself with these puff-sleeved tops.

Empire Waist Dresses

“Tighter!” – Lady Featherington
“Is she to breathe, Mama?!” – Penelope Featherington

Gone are the day of corsets, but you can still add a bit of old world charm in a comfy empire waist dress. No passing out wearing this classic.

Do you love Bridgerton? What about this style inspo? Will you be trying out the RegencyCore trend?

Not into the pearls and frills? We’ve also got you covered.