How to Style White Jeans

June 5, 2016

We’ve all contemplated the idea of owning a pair of white jeans at least once in our lives. They’re fresh-looking, flattering and, most importantly, very stylish. Even with all the perks, some women are still weary of these because they feel they’re not going to be able to pull it off. Fears aside, ladies! White jeans are here, they’re for everyone, and you’ll never look back after purchasing your first pair. For those of you looking for a little inspiration, here’s a few ideas on how to bust them out.

Boyfriend Tee

These types of t-shirts are perfect because they give the look a more relaxed feel. If you’re more laid back about your style, pair your white jeans with a boyfriend tee and some sneakers. You’ll still look well-presented, but the hassle of primping up will be kept to a minimum.

boyfriend tee v-neck jane deals

Striped Button-down

If you’re a fan of a more polished outfit, white jeans are also the perfect option for a classy look. Pairing them with a crisp, button down shirt instantly transforms the jeans into a work appropriate outfit. Spice up your casual Friday with this look and you’ll be turning heads!

sincerely jules striped button-down

White on White

There’s something extremely appealing about an all-white ensemble, but it’s definitely not an easy job. Remember to stay away from messy lunches and coffee, dusty benches and the unexpected stumble, or else the whole world will be able to see the mishap.

stylishly me white jeans

Off-the-Shoulder Tops

Gypsy-like, off the shoulder tops are all the rage this season, and they look fantastic when paired with white jeans. These tops come in all shapes and sizes, so visit any clothing boutique to find the right fight. Spring is getting warmer and warmer, so bare those shoulders and rock this look with pride!

katie's bliss white jeans