The holiday season is about creating magical memories with your family and friends that you’ll cherish forever. We all remember Christmas dinner at Grandma’s house, visiting Santa at the mall, ice skating (or ice failing) and, of course, decorating the Christmas tree.

Your decor sets the tone for the whole season. You don’t want it to be a bore, but you also don’t want it to turn into a giant chore. The solution is minimalist holiday decor. It’s simple, yet stunning. We’ve created a guide to this gorgeous style so you can blow everyone away this holiday season.


Wreaths are found on front doors year-round. This versatile decoration can be styled in just about any way you want. For a minimalist, elegant look, grab a classic pine wreath and tie a ribbon for an added touch.

For a more outdoorsy style, attach pine cones and small berries to your wreath.

You don’t just have to hang your wreath on the front door. Lay it sideways to use as a table centerpiece, hang it on your windows or even deck the walls if you’d like. Get creative!


Keep your Christmas tree from looking tacky or cluttered with minimalist ornaments. Pick a color scheme and stick to it, preferably using a neutral color scheme, such as white, wood, rose gold and pale pink.

Use classic round ornaments for a timeless look, or wood ornaments for a nature-inspired look. You can keep your ornaments plain, or add a cute decal to make them your own.

You can even skip the ornaments completely for a string of garland or ribbon to wrap around the tree instead.

Nature Details

Stay inside on a snowy day and enjoy the outdoors in your living room. Whether your Christmas tree is real or plastic, you can still transform your home into a nature lover’s paradise.

Details such as pine cones, berries and poinsettia flowers can accent your decor, taking something plain and turning it into a festive focus.

Where to Find Minimalist Decor

Holiday decorating doesn’t have to be a stressful event. Jane has a wonderful selection of minimalist decor, as well as many other gorgeous trends to help you rock the holidays and create memories that will last a lifetime.