Easter probably looks a little different for all of us this year, but don’t worry, there are still so many ways to celebrate the holiday and have fun at home. We’ve put together a list of activities, gift ideas, and more for you and your family to enjoy.

Backyard Easter Egg Hunts

Backyard Easter egg hunts are a tradition in many families and it’s one that you can still continue this year! Easter egg hunts are a big win/win because it helps to keep the kids busy and gets them to be active outside. If your kids are older and the traditional egg hunt isn’t as egg-citing for them, switch things up. You can do this by timing them, offering small cash prizes, or other incentives that make it a little more competitive.

Dyeing Eggs

Again, this is likely already a tradition in your family but it can still easily be done this year. If you want to branch out from the typical egg dye kits or just don’t have any on-hand, you can use supplies around the house. Try food coloring or more natural dyes. You can even just draw on eggs with non-toxic markers or paints. If that still seems too messy, stickers can be a great alternative. The possibilities are endless.


Take your Easter outfits one of two fun ways this year. Go traditional and have everyone dress up in their Easter best to switch it up from your new normal of loungewear or fully embrace the sweat life! Wear comfy PJs or sweatpants and have the comfiest Easter of all time. Bonus points if your PJs and sweats are pastel-colored or Easter-themed. Whether it’s PJs or your Easter best, find all your outfits at Jane.com!

Basket Ideas for Kids

While candy is usually the biggest hit with Easter baskets, this year make sure to include activity-based items. Any kind of coloring activities, books, games, and puzzles would be great. If any of those items can also be played with the whole family, even better.

We hope these ideas help you see that there are still so many fun ways to celebrate Easter this year. No matter how you choose to celebrate, take pictures together so you can look back on this year and remember how grateful you are to have each other. Happy Easter everyone!