DIY Series Nativity Angel: The Robe

December 16, 2014

Are you ready to get your craft on and create the cutest—might I add easiest—Angel Costume to add to your Nativity Scene this year? I sure hope you answered yes, because I am ready to teach you. But seriously, no professional sewing skills required. If my non-crafting self could do it, you can too! We will be creating one piece a day and unveiling the final costume on Friday! It’s going to be great. So let’s first start with the robe.

You will need:

2-3 Yards of White fabric (depending on the length you want)
Gold Cord, ribbon or sash
A measuring tape
Sewing Machine

DIY Nativity Angel Robe Supplies

Measure the lucky soon to be wearer of your Angel Robe. I measured neck opening, and width of back from arm pit to arm pit. I took other measurements too but since I was a first timer those were kind of obsolete. So stick with neck opening and shoulder width. (All you pro’s out there, you might find a more ‘professional’ way to do this. If so, send me your skills)

Fold your fabric in half, right sides together. At the center of the folded fabric mark two lines indicating neck hole. I made the neck opening 6 inches wide and it fit over our little angels head perfectly. After you’ve marked your lines cut a very, very shallow U shape to make your neck hole.

Measure DIY Nativity Angel Robe

This is me pointing to the fold, as if this is suppose to majorly help out in someway. Maybe it will but if it doesn’t at least you can see how the neck opening is suppose to turn out.

robe (6)

After you cut the neck opening fold the fabric in half again. See the picture below.

Fold the Nativity Robe to Start Cutting

Now it’s time to draw out your robe. Measure how wide you want the body (refer back to your back width measurement) Add a few extra inches for seam allowance. That’s a sewing term right? Your pattern is going to end up looking like a big ‘L’.

Measure DIY Nativity Christmas Angel Robe

See, just like I said, a big ‘L’ I did the arms as wide as the body only because I wanted a fitted body and a more loose arm. At least that’s what I am going to tell myself. But honestly I really love how it turned out.

Mark the Robe Cuts

Cut out robe and pin. If you are still with me after my professional instructions this should be cake.

Cut and Pin the Nativity Angel Robe

Get your sewing game face on and have at it! Sew around the inside perimeter of your ‘L’ leaving the bottom and the arm slits open. Make sure to back stitch at the beginning and end. (You were impressed by that sewing term weren’t you?)

Start Sewing Together the Robe

Keep sewing.

Sewing the Nativity Robe

Keep sewing.

Carefully Sew the Robe

Keep sewing. Make sure to pull out pins as you go. If you want to hem the bottom and the sleeves be my guest. I didn’t and I am feeling pretty good about my decision.

Slowly Finish Off Sewing the DIY Robe

Trim up your thread stragglers, unfold your robe, hold it up and admire your work.

Final Sewn Product

Wrap that pretty little cord around your angel and voila! You have your first step of your Nativity Angel Costume.Ready for the next part of the series? Check out our tutorial on how to make heavenly angel wings.

Tie Off the Robe with a Gold Rope

A big shout out to Malia with Malia Creative for taking our sweet photos!

And for all you Pinners, here’s a little graphic you can Pin for your Pinterest records: DIY Nativity Series - The Angel Robe