DIY Fall Wreath

Fall is calling and we’re answering by making a modern style DIY fall wreath, inspired by Lemon Thistle. This beautiful wreath will brighten up any space, and it’s easily and affordably made in just three steps!

Here’s what you need:

  • Brass hoop
  • Fake berries and leaves
  • Glue gun and glue
  • Metallic spray paints (gold, silver, copper, brushed nickel, etc.)
Picture of spray paint cans, glue gun, gold wire for wreath, and fake leaves.

You can find these supplies at craft stores, online and even at select dollar stores.


  • Spray your leaves and berries with two coats of metallic paint. Paint them whichever colors you’d like. Be creative!
Picture of spray painted fake leaves and berries.
  • Once your leaves are dry, it’s time to assemble your wreath. Simply glue the leaves onto the front of the hoop. For a layered look, glue some leaves to the back and some to the front of the hoop.
Picture of gluing the leaves on the gold wire.
  • With the berries, you can choose to glue the stems behind the leaves for a clean look, or to the front of the leaves for a more rustic look.
Picture of finished wreath on blue door.

Congrats! You have the perfect fall decoration. For more fall decor visit