Perfect Pumpkin Decor DIY

October 15, 2019

It’s arrived. The season we can’t help but be apart of. In fact… we simply love it. Who could say no to candy corn, pumpkin spice, and all things trick or treat? And who could possibly ignore the joy that buckets of candy, cornbread and chili and re-runs of our favorite horror (or not so horror) shows brings with the coming of crispy leaves and cooler temperatures. And with that comes the best part of fall: the cozy. The cozy and not to mention cute decorations that are placed in every corner of the house to give us ultimate autumnal vibes. So we reached out to our friend and influencer Jen Bryant and asked if she had any Jane tips for decorating our homes this cozy season. And did she ever!



Everything You Need to Throw a Stranger Things Party

June 12, 2019

This summer is about to get a whole lot stranger—thanks to the premiere of Stranger Things season three! While the past two seasons were released on Halloween, the newest season will be released on July 4th and we couldn’t be happier. With warm weather and spooky nighttime noises to add to the ambience, a backyard bash seems like the best way to celebrate the new season. To help make your premiere party perfect, Jane has you covered with free printables, fun tips and the best Stranger Things deals.


After all, it’s not a party without guests! Let your friends know about your summer shindig with these Stranger Things themed printable invites.


Download them for free here.


Now all you need is a few touches to transport your guests to the town of Hawkins. First, go ahead and hang some “Welcome to Hawkins” string lights along your fence or near the food table.


Another easy way to brighten your backyard is to string up some Christmas lights in honor of Joyce Byers.


Of course, the Christmas lights aren’t complete without the alphabet. Get some oversized balloons and draw letters on them with a Sharpie for the full Stranger Things effect.


Plus, fill one of these light boxes with your favorite quote from the show.


To create a movie screen, look no further than your bed. Grab a white bed sheet, hang it up on your fence (we used string to attach it to the posts at the top), set up a phone projector in the back and presto! You’ve just made your own outdoor movie theater.


For the finishing touch, make your backyard space extra cozy with soft throws and fluffy pillows.


Remember the night by taking pics with these props. All you have to do is print them off, attach a paper with tape or hot glue and pose.

Download photo props here.

If you really want to show your Stranger Things spirit, these shirts are fabulous for any photo opp. Shop them herehere and here.




Is it really a party without pizza? We think not. Order pizza for your fellow fans, paired with cans of Coke. The real question is: Can you crush them with your mind like Eleven? Make sure your guests save room for dessert, because these Eggo waffle cupcakes are the star of the meal. Whether you opt for homemade or store bought, these cupcakes are easy to make. All you need to do is toast Eggo waffles, cut them up, place them on top of your cupcake base and voila! An instant hit. Finally, put out some popcorn for your guests to snack on—and potentially spill when they get scared.

tranger-things-watch-party-cupcakes stranger-things-watch-party-table-detail

We hope this post helped give you some inspiration for your premiere party. Let us know in the comments if you’re planning on watching the new season of Stranger Things. You know we’ll be watching!

6 Ways to Survive Mother’s Day This Year

May 8, 2019

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a crazy Mother’s Day. Since I can’t see your hands I am just going to assume that almost all of them are up. It seems that nearly every Mother’s Day since I’ve been a mom, some sort of disaster has struck. Whether it be a baby blowout, no one sleeping through the night the evening before, or all three kids being sick, Mother’s Day can be kind of chaotic right? You are trying to relax and enjoy what you anticipate being a picture-perfect day, while trying not to micromanage your kids and husband while they try and make you breakfast. You hold back that cringe as you see some of the extra ingredients being added to the pancake batter while your husband’s back is turned. Your sweet husband doesn’t want you to lift a finger on your special day so you sit anxiously on the couch with your feet kicked up pretending to read a book while World War III is happening in the bathroom upstairs. Sigh, Mother’s Day is great, right?

The answer to that question is YES! Because it celebrates you as a mother, role model, sister, aunt, grandma, friend etc. And what a wonderful role as mothers and women we have! So as chaotic and crazy as Mother’s Day can sometimes get, let’s do more than survive it this year; let’s enjoy it! Here are 6 Ways to “Survive” Mother’s Day this year.

  • 1. Lock yourself away.

    Okay not literally, but take some time for yourself Mother’s Day weekend. I know that may not be the easiest task, but it doesn’t have to be a day trip to the spa (though that does sound amazing). If you only have 30 min, curl up on the couch with a big bowl of your favorite ice cream and watch an Episode of New Girl or a re-run of Friends and don’t think once about the messy kitchen or piles of laundry. If you have a little longer, take a bike ride to the park followed by a nice stretching or yoga session.

  • 2. Buy yourself something nice.

    Although you most likely will be getting spoiled by your kiddos and hubby, it’s still fun to treat yourself every once in a while. Sometimes budgets aren’t very friendly to our wish lists but you don’t have to splurge. If you only have $5, buy a new lip gloss or the latest People magazine, a yummy treat would be nice too. If your budget is a little more lenient, say $10-$20 splurge on some adorable accessories or a bright colored lipstick, my favorite right now is MAC Men Love Mystery. (Jane usually has some killer deals on designer lip products too!) If you’re like ,”What’s a budget?” buy yourself a summer dress or a pair of sandals. Here’s shameless plug but we have the cutest summery apparel on right now!

  • 3. Enjoy a peaceful dinner without an involuntary food fight.

    This could be at your favorite restaurant or in the comfort of your own home while the kiddos are asleep, or at least pretending to be. As a momma of young kids, meal time, especially when out to dinner, is about as enjoyable as a thorn in my shoe. Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a hot meal without worrying about other mouths to feed.

  • 4. Take off your mommy clothes.

    You know what I’m talking about, those yoga pants you’ve been wearing for the last 3 days. Slip into a nice dress or your sexiest pair of jeans and hit the town with your man or your girlfriends. If a night out isn’t realistic then get in something nice and have a glass of wine, or sparkling cider and a sugar cookie, on the deck, or in the kitchen or heck, anywhere you can be alone for a few minutes.

  • 5. Kick up your feet and enjoy the moment.

    Whether it’s at the spa getting a relaxing pedicure or up on the coffee table while you rub lotion on your own feet. Although messes will most likely be happening around you (since your husband or kids have summoned you to not lift a finger) try and relax and take in your beautiful, messy, surroundings. It’s easy to get focused on the craziness that occurs with Mother’s Day but stay positive and make a list of the joys that come with motherhood. If you are kicking your feet up at home, have your littles help you rub lotion on your feet. If they are a little older and more coordinated see if they can paint your toes too!

  • 6. Be a mom!

    After all, that’s what this weekend is all about right? But I’m not talking about your usual motherly duties. Do something completely different. Forget the loads of laundry and clean house for a weekend. The mess will always be there, but these dang cute kids will grow up before you know it. Take them to the park and play tag. Have them push you on the swing. Gather rocks and paint them. Something that is completely out of the ordinary and fun for both you and them.

Well, I hope this little list gave you a few ideas on how to not only survive, but absolutely enjoy Mother’s Day! Because it’s your day, you deserve to enjoy it.