How to Throw a Leslie Knope-Approved Galentine’s Day Party

January 28, 2019
With free printables, low-cost decorations and entertainment ideas, we’ll show you how to prep the perfect party without spending a pretty penny.With free printables, low-cost decorations and entertainment ideas, we’ll show you how to prep the perfect party without spending a pretty penny.With free printables, low-cost decorations and entertainment ideas, we’ll show you how to prep the perfect party without spending a pretty penny.With free printables, low-cost decorations and entertainment ideas, we’ll show you how to prep the perfect party without spending a pretty penny.
Galentine's Day Party

There’s a lot to love about Parks and Recreation character Leslie Knope: her effervescent energy, her go-getter attitude, her love of waffles and her fierce commitment to her friends. But our favorite is probably her invention of Galentine’s Day. According to Leslie Knope, February 13 is the one day of the year dedicated to “ladies celebrating ladies.” So gather your gal pals for a day of celebration.

With free printables, low-cost decorations and entertainment ideas, we’ll show you how to prep the perfect party without spending a pretty penny.

1. Invite your besties.

Send your friends a sweet-themed invitation. Print if that’s your preference, or save on costs by sending it as an Evite. Access our free printable here.

Galentine's Day Party

2. Spike it with sugar.

In Leslie Knope’s words, “Why would anyone eat anything other than breakfast food?” No Leslie Knope party is complete without waffles. For a mouthful of dense, caramelized pockets of sugary perfection, try making Belgian liege waffles. For other sweet treats, try pink-, red- and white-sprinkled donuts, vanilla cupcakes topped with raspberries and sugar cookies with pink icing, perfectly displayed on a three-tiered tray. Set out some fruit juice and sparkling water (which are even better when you add one to the other).

Galentine's Day Party
Galentine's Day Party

3. Get all decked out.

Bling out with golden XOXO balloons and share the love with red heart balloons and festive pink and red tassels. It’s simple, affordable decor that’s sure to liven up your space.

Galentine's Day Party

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4. Select your entertainment.

Catch a glimpse of all of Leslie Knope’s Galentine’s Day parties in the following episodes available on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu:

  • Season 2 Episode 16
  • Season 4 Episode 14
  • Season 6 Episode 16

For some affordable group games, try the Heads up! App made popular on The Ellen Show where people hold a word in front of their head and try to guess it from your clues. It’s only $0.99 in the Apple app store and Google Play.

Jackbox Games also offers some fun party games. You purchase a game or group of games for your TV, computer or gaming console, and then all players can use their phones as a remote. They simply go to and enter the room code provided with the game to join. Get a variety pack of an assortment of games for $24.99 (a great deal since one game is $9.99). For a special offer, Jackbox Games is currently partnering with Epic to offer a free bundle for PCs through February 7, 2019.

5. Prep your party favors.

Send your guests home with a Galentine’s Day gift. Try a bag of red candy hearts or some decadent truffles finished with gold ribbon (and for a festive touch, set them up near a fun Valentine garland). Complete your Galentine’s Day gift with one of our Valentine’s Day free printables.

Galentine's Day Party

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With inexpensive decor and entertainment, budget food options, free printables and, of course, ladies celebrating ladies, you’ve got everything you need to throw the perfect Leslie-Knope approved Galentine’s Day party. Questions or comments? Tell us in the comments below.

Make the Most of Jane with These 6 Hacks

August 17, 2018

Meet Jane. Your stylish new BFF. Every day, the Jane marketplace brings you 350+ new offers from stylish brands and small boutiques. On our site, you’ll find women’s clothing, beauty products, home decor and more must-haves from unique sellers at up to 65% off.

Jane is a daily deal marketplace, which means our products change every day. New deals go live daily at 2am ET and run for 72 hours, unless they sell out before then. This daily deal setup means more unique products, but it also means good finds go quickly. Below we’ve compiled some tips and tricks for navigating Jane and making the most of your shopping experience.

1. Create an account.


Be sure to sign up for an account and log in whenever you browse the site. It’s possible to purchase items on Jane without doing this, but without an account you can’t view your shopping history or take advantage of the “favorite” feature.

2. Heart all your faves.


It’s okay to choose favorites. In fact, it’s encouraged! If you love something you see on Jane, click the heart, which allows you to quickly add the item to a list of favorites that you can refer back to any time. To see who else loves it, make sure you read all the Jane customer reviews.

3. Download the app.


Take Jane with you wherever you go. Our app lets you quickly scroll through the feed, “favorite” items and then check out directly from your phone. It’s a fast, fun way to shop.

4. Use Sneak Peeks.


The Sneak Peeks feature allows you to browse deals before they go live. The next day’s deals are revealed every day at 4pm ET. “Favorite” the Sneak Peek deals you love and we’ll notify you when they go live. Keep in mind that deals on Jane often have limited inventory and sell out quickly, so Sneak Peeks can help you plan your shopping and score the best deals.

5. Sign up for emails.


Once you’ve created an account, go to your account settings and sign up to receive our Cool Offers emails: a beautifully curated collection of our top items. If you want to see what’s new on Jane every day, sign up for our Daily Deals emails. And while you’re at it, sign up for Giveaways emails if you like winning cute, free stuff.

6. Find out when it’s back in stock.


If you had your eye on something that sold out,  don’t worry! That’s why we have a Get Notified feature. Click this button on the deal you missed and you’ll receive a notification if and when the deal is rebooked.

At Jane, our goal is to help you stay in style and on budget. With so many one-of-a-kind items, we know you’ll find just what you’re looking for, whether it’s a knockout knick-knack for your bookshelf or a fab floral dress for an upcoming brunch date. Now that you know the ins and outs, start shopping Jane like a pro!

Open Air Affair: Patio Style Guide

June 13, 2017

It’s summertime and the living is so easy…especially if you have an amazing outdoor space to enjoy when temperatures soar. Giving your patio a makeover is a fun way to maximize its potential and stylishly transform your yard. Consider the patio your canvas for all things memorable this season. It’s a gathering spot, a dining area, and the ultimate place to lounge as the sun sets. Here are some of our favorite patio décor ideas—no matter what size your space may be.

Small Apartment Balcony


Even a seriously small balcony has the potential to be a total showstopper with some ingenuity. The key is to make the most of that limited space, so think little details that provide major impact! String lights suspended from end to another add a delicate twinkle and call attention to the space in an eye-catching way. Naturally, you’ll want to get outdoors as much as possible when it warms up—and that means furnishing your balcony with something cozy and comfortable.

Fit in a small games table for your snacks and cool drinks, and add a couple of charming chairs adorned with throw pillows for a chic finishing touch. If there’s room to spare, a potted plant or two create a pretty, garden-like effect. That’s especially nice if you miss the green space of a yard!

Small Patio


Don’t let mosquitoes tarnish a great night on a small patio! Light a few elegant citronella candles to ward them off while adding a decorative touch to the space. Then it’s time to focus on activities. Prep your table or ottoman with a few board games and stash an ice-packed cooler below to ensure an endless supply of beverages. Small patios can be extremely functional when you infuse your personality into that space, too. Toss a blanket or throw onto a chair to stave off unexpected evening chills.

Remember that less is more—a bunch of bold prints can close up an already small space, while subtle patterns used in moderation will create a more effective illusion. When choosing furnishings, opt for lightweight, low-key pieces made with glass or acrylic to produce a more spacious look. Heavier, darker tables and chairs have the opposite effect.

Large Lawn


With an oversized lawn at your disposal, you can create an outdoor wonderland—the envy of the neighborhood, if you will. Take advantage of your green thumb! Whip out the gardening gloves and garden markers and add some brilliant plants to the yard. By the time the weather really heats up, they’ll be in full bloom. That gorgeous backdrop sets the tone for the rest of your space. While the kids play with oversize yard games and catch fireflies at sunset, you can relax on cozy lounge chairs adorned with plush throw pillows. Consider a homey loveseat or sectional outdoor sofa for added comfort.

If you’re feeling truly adventurous, add a luxe fire pit to produce some warm outdoor lighting that’s both relaxing and elegant. Enjoy a fresh lemonade or iced tea (multicolored tumblers and twisty straws are a plus!), fire up the grill, and prepare some mouth-watering barbecue. It’s the perfect way to take advantage of the additional space.

Now that you’ve got some ideas flowing, check out our full patio collection and outdoor collection!