Perfect Pumpkin Decor DIY

October 15, 2019

It’s arrived. The season we can’t help but be apart of. In fact… we simply love it. Who could say no to candy corn, pumpkin spice, and all things trick or treat? And who could possibly ignore the joy that buckets of candy, cornbread and chili and re-runs of our favorite horror (or not so horror) shows brings with the coming of crispy leaves and cooler temperatures. And with that comes the best part of fall: the cozy. The cozy and not to mention cute decorations that are placed in every corner of the house to give us ultimate autumnal vibes. So we reached out to our friend and influencer Jen Bryant and asked if she had any Jane tips for decorating our homes this cozy season. And did she ever!



Back to School: First Day of School Printables

August 13, 2019
You've been preparing for this moment for weeks—you've been back to school shopping, helped them picked out their new outfits, and now it's finally here: the first day of school! Download these super cute First Day of School PrintablesThe school season is almost here, and no one is more grateful than us mommas! As much as I love my kiddos, it's nice to recover for the summer madness and get back on a schedule again. And when it comes to school, there's no one I'm grateful for more than my kids' teachers! Download these awesome Teacher Appreciation Cards Free First Day of School Printables

You’ve been preparing for this moment for weeks—you’ve been back to school shopping, helped them picked out their new outfits, and now it’s finally here: the first day of school!

Whether it’s their first day of preschool or first day of 5th grade, chances are you’ll want to document this major moment. And what better way than with our adorable props? So get your cameras ready and download our free back to school printables below!


9 Easy April Fools’ Day Pranks

March 28, 2019
April Fools' Day

April Fools’ Day is right around the corner! If you like a good laugh but prefer to keep things simple, we’ve compiled a list of pranks perfect for you. Whether you’re pranking your kids, your friends or your coworkers, here’s a list of hassle-free, harm-free, all-fun pranks you can pull together with minimal effort.


Broccoli Lollis

April Fools' Day

This one is simple, hilarious and healthy. Wrap a piece of broccoli up like a lollipop and let your kids enjoy a seemingly sweet treat before dinner. Via The Decorated Cookie.

Eye Love You

April Fools' Day

Add an adorable element of surprise to your kids’ morning! Just put a few googly eyes on the fruit bowl or on the items in their lunchbox. Via Oh Happy Day.

Bubbly Rug

April Fools' Day

Place some bubble wrap under a rug in your house, and wait for the surprise when your kids step on it. Via One Crazy House.


Are You Kitten Me

April Fools' Day

“Borrow” your friend’s phone, open iphoneception in a mobile browser and you’re all set. Via Buzzfeed.

Temporarily Tattooed

April Fools' Day

If you’re the type who typically shies away from tattoos and piercings, this one’s for you. Order a temporary tattoo (or two, or three) from Tattly and see how long it takes your friends to notice it’s not real.


Krispy Kreme Veggies

April Fools' Day

Show up to work with a box of “doughnuts” for all your coworkers. Via Passion for Savings.

Balloon Room

April Fools

Last, and easiest of all: fill your coworker’s office with balloons! It’s super-simple, fun, colorful and sure to put a smile on their face.


There you have it! Let us know how your pranks go in the comments below.