Gif of friends together lounging around drinking coffee.

For years Black Friday shopping has looked like long lines, big crowds, and a mad dash to grab whatever item you’re looking for before anyone else. For many reasons, this year won’t be like years past but if you usually look forward to the rush of getting a good deal, there are still plenty of ways to make Black Friday fun this year with new traditions.

Make a Plan

Because most holiday shopping this year will be online you can really nail down exactly what to get for everyone on your list. It is also much easier to compare prices and get the best deals. Keep a list of popular or high-ticket items and snag them when you see the lowest prices.

Start Early

Most retailers started sharing their holiday deals early (we have!). So there’s no reason to put off shopping. Grab a little something whenever you see it and feel happy and accomplished when you finish all of your holiday shopping early.

Make It Social

Invite your best friends over and shop together! Tell everyone to put on their best, coziest loungewear and munch on leftovers from Thanksgiving. If you’re tired of turkey already, then order delivery and sip some hot chocolate. The food possibilities are really endless. To add to the fun, pop on your favorite Christmas movies and really get into the spirit all while staying healthy, warm and safe at home.

If you don’t typically do most of your shopping online and you’re worried about it getting to you in time, don’t worry. We’ve made sure to designate which of our deals will get to you in time for Christmas—guaranteed.

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