Tell us about what led you to start your business.

My husband and I are professional figure skaters; we started our business while performing on tour. We weren’t sure how much longer we wanted to continue to do shows or even if we were ready to quit at all. We started our business to dip our feet into something new. We built the bond in our relationship on the ice, and we got married because of it. We felt it was time to build a business and grow together as a team, off the ice.

What is your favorite part of being a business owner?

Being in business for yourself! I get to make my own moves, set my own schedule, and work from home with my loving husband and our adorable puppy Lily.

What challenges have you faced as a business owner?

Getting started — the creativity to come up with the ideas, the financial investment needed for equipment, and the patience. We had many ideas, but it took us a moment to find what customers were after. We needed to learn to accept mistakes, to not be so hard on ourselves, and try again. Eventually, we got it right! One thing is for sure, we will always be learning. 

How can shoppers support your business and other Black-owned businesses?

Post, share, and discuss! During this time in a pandemic, it’s really easy to buy from the big box stores and have next hour shipping, but it’s a lot easier to buy from and support a Black-owned small business. One big benefit to buying from a small business is the love and care that goes into shipping out each order. We take pride and special care in each product we sell and ship — from checking on customers specific details that help make it their own, to the packaging, easy ordering, and shipping process. Check us out on Instagram and Facebook @theprincessandherfrog.

Share your experience working with Jane and how it has helped grow your business.

We are new to Jane and having a wonderful experience thus far. The best part of having our items on Jane is that we have been able to start selling on a new platform and broaden our audience. We are excited to see our store grow with Jane in 2021. Shop The Princess and Her Frog here!