When the weather gets cold, it can be tempting to just spend all of your time indoors watching TV, playing video games or endlessly snacking. This year more than ever though, it’s important to spend time together maybe even outdoors! Yes, even in the winter. We’ve put together some ideas for fun, family-friendly activities to do all winter long.

1. Make a bonfire

Bundle up, grab some blankets and chairs and head outside. Just like during the warm months, you can gather around and tell stories and even roast marshmallows. Bring some cocoa out and plop a freshly toasted marshmallow right on top.

2. Write letters to loved ones

If circumstances are preventing you from being able to see extended family members, have the kiddos write letters and those family members how much they are missed. Older kids can give them a quick update on what’s going on in their lives while the younger ones can simply draw a picture. It’s a fun way to feel connected in such a disconnected year.

3. Pick up a new hobby

Ever tried cross-stitching? What about puzzles? There are so many ways to occupy your time without a screen in sight.

4. Family baking day

Everyone gets together in the kitchen to bake their favorite warm treats. This is especially fun if you can introduce the kids to recipes that you loved growing up. Make it a new tradition.

5. At home spa day

Who couldn’t use a little pampering, right? You can even DIY face masks and other products you’d like to use to make it an even longer activity. If that’s not your style, there are so many mani and pedi kits to try out and enjoy.

We hope these ideas helped to spark your own creativity when it comes to activities you can do at home during the winter. Check out some fun finds on Jane.com! What’s your favorite wintertime activity?