Exclusively on 10/10 
Jumpstart your holiday shopping on 10/10

Holiday shopping looks a little different this year. As COVID-19 still affects communities across the world, retailers are taking a new approach to keep customer safety top of mind. Mark you calendars; we’re participating in a brand new shopping holiday, 10/10, created to give you more time, more space and more satisfaction when you shop. Holiday cheer is coming early this year on October 10th!

What’s 10/10 all about? 

More Time

In 2020, most people are planning to do their holiday shopping online to avoid the traditional crowds that come with the holiday season. With more people shopping online than ever before, shipping delays are happening more frequently. To avoid a Christmas morning catastrophe with no gifts under the tree, get a head start shopping on October 10th. This gives you plenty of time to make sure everything arrives by the big day.

More Space

With the holiday shopping season kicking off on October 10th instead of Black Friday, shoppers now have an entire extra month to find what they’re looking for. You’ll get to avoid long lines and crowds, as most stores are now limiting the amount of people allowed inside.

More Satisfaction

Unfortunately, another consequence of the pandemic is that many retailers are running with a lower amount of merchandise, often selling out of popular products. To avoid a low surplus of products, the earlier you shop, the better, to guarantee you and everyone on your shopping list gets what they want.

Holiday shopping is no sweat with Jane! Shop from the comfort of your own couch and discover everything you need for a happy holiday season, October 10th!