9 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

March 22, 2017

Want to brighten up your Easter with some unique egg decorating ideas? Forget about the supermarket dye kit and try one of these 9 festive DIY ideas.

1. Pantone Easter Eggs

easter eggs

Get your Easter decorations on board with one of our all-time favorite trends: Pantone color. Whether you want to use the color of the year or go for old-school pastels, there’s no wrong way to decorate these eggs. The blogger behind this idea matched the color numbers to her Pantone chip book, but you definitely don’t have to be as particular!

2. DIY Emoji Easter Eggs

easter eggs

Everyone loves your emojis, and your kids will definitely go crazy for these designs. Paint a bunch of hard-boiled eggs yellow, then go to town with everything from kissy faces to cheesy smiles. Check out the tutorial on Studio DIY for step-by-step instructions…no professional painting skills required!

3. Washi Tape Easter Eggs

easter eggs

We’re still head over heels for washi tape, so we love this idea to use it to create graphic Easter egg designs! Cut the tape into different sized strips or polka dots, and stick to a few key colors for a cohesive, beautiful centerpiece.

4. Minion Eggs

easter eggs

These eggs are one in a minion. Let your kids get a little chuckle out of these adorably despicable dyed eggs. Best part? These couldn’t be any easier.

5. DIY Marbled Eggs

easter eggs

For anyone who loves all things marble, these Easter eggs are the DIY for you. We love the high-contrast blue and white ones here, but you can get creative and stick with jewel tones, neutrals, or pastels for a pretty decoration.

6. Ninja Turtles Easter Eggs

easter eggs

Keep those googly eyes handy, because they’re perfect for these eggs as well. Help your kiddos make their favorite Ninja Turtles with a little bit of ribbon, dye, and glue. Presto, you’re done!

7. DIY Burger Easter Eggs

easter eggs

If you’re looking for something totally off the beaten path, it doesn’t get better than these cheeseburger-inspired eggs. Thanks to a little bit of drawing and cleverly placed tissue paper, these Easter eggs have a personality all their own.

8. Bunny Easter Eggs

easter eggs

Stay on-theme this Easter with these precious bunny eggs. Simple drawing techniques and pastel colors make these adorable Easter eggs one of our favorite designs ever.

9. Glitter Easter Eggs

easter eggs

Our favorite part about this DIY? How easy it is! Glitter is the easiest way to add some flair to simple Easter eggs–no need to go design crazy! We love the simple polka dots and stripes here, but you can totally go all out and cover the whole egg in glitter. Also, no need for dye…we love how this blogger used natural brown and white eggs to create a cohesive centerpiece.


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