5 Hacks for Decorating on a Budget

April 16, 2016

5 Hacks for Decorating on a Budget
You’ve been browsing through Pinterest, stalking glamorous accounts on Instagram and while you know your limits and have set realistic expectations, you still want a beautiful home. Here are five no-fail tips to make a well-decorated home within reach.

Make a Plan

Avoid expensive mistakes and potentially horrible arguments with your S.O. or roommate by drawing out your furniture plan on graph paper first to make sure everything fits in the space and flows well.

Behold Ikea

Ikea may not sell heirloom-quality furniture, but their items are deliciously cheap. Stock up on matching picture frames for a gallery wall, or choose a few accent pieces like mirrors, throw pillows, or floating shelves to round everything out.

Shop Your Own Stuff

Yes, that ugly thrift store dresser from your first apartment can have a future! Refinish wood furniture with a good primer and semi-gloss black or white paint. Replace out-dated knobs and drawer pulls. Shazam! Pretty storage for your entryway.

Empower Yourself With Paint

Paint an accent wall, a chalkboard wall, or a faux headboard for a pop of color. Or unify a room by making mismatching chairs get along with at least common color.

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Remember those picture frames from Ikea? Fill them with classy art prints from some of our artisan sellers for $10-20 each. Boom. Decorated.