17 April Fools Day Jokes – For Kids

March 28, 2016

April Fools Day is always a fun one, don’t you think? A whole day of jokes and ‘just kiddings’… What’s not to love? As soon as you learn about this holiday as a child, you wait for the joking every year. As an elementary aged kid you usually go around telling people their hair is green or there is a spider on their shoulder, and you think it’s great! As a teen you tell your parents you were suspended or wound up in juvenile detention due to skipping out on school. As an adult you pull the “I’m quitting card” on your boss of 4 years and then get the joy in saying “April Fools!” at the end of it all. It’s great right? Giving people a minor heart attack for a brief second or two. When I became a mom, I retired my April Fools Day Jokes but as my 2 kiddos get older and after finding these AMAZING kid friendly April Fool’s Jokes on some of my favorite blogs, my inner jokester might just have to resurface this year ;-)

A Frozen Breakfast
A Frozen Breakfast – Kids Activities Blog

Sunny Side Up Peaches and Yogurt
Peaches and Yogurt, Sunny Side Up: Sweet Serendipity

No More TV!
No More TV! – Pen N’ Paper Flowers

An apple surprise!
An Apple’s Surprise – Meet the Dubiens

Eye(ce) Cubes
Eye(ce) Cubes – Kids Activities Blog

Glass of Jello
Glass of Jello – Meet the Dubiens

Make your food come alive!
It’s Alive! – Pen N’ Paper Flowers

Grilled cheese, please!
A Grilled Cheese Surprise – Flexible Life

Sweet surprise!
A Sweet Surprise – Come Together Kids

Ice Ice Baby?
Is It Ice Ice Baby? – Alpha Mom

The original mint oreo
The Original Mint Oreo – Life at Willow Cottage

Take a balloon nap!
A Balloon Nap – Kids Activities Blog

Make some 'Brown-Es'
Make Brown-E’s – Jacks and Kate

Is it a cake or a pizza?
A Bundt Pizza – Flexible Life

Mashed potato sundae
Mashed Potato Sundae – Bake at 350

Plastic wrap those toys!
Plastic Toys – Kids Activities Blog

How does a slice of shaving cream cake sound?
(Shaving) Cream Cake – Kids Creative Chaos