Perfect Pumpkin Decor DIY

October 15, 2019

It’s arrived. The season we can’t help but be apart of. In fact… we simply love it. Who could say no to candy corn, pumpkin spice, and all things trick or treat? And who could possibly ignore the joy that buckets of candy, cornbread and chili and re-runs of our favorite horror (or not so horror) shows brings with the coming of crispy leaves and cooler temperatures. And with that comes the best part of fall: the cozy. The cozy and not to mention cute decorations that are placed in every corner of the house to give us ultimate autumnal vibes. So we reached out to our friend and influencer Jen Bryant and asked if she had any Jane tips for decorating our homes this cozy season. And did she ever!


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Best Halloween Get Up For Your Pup

October 8, 2019

Is there anything cuter than seeing a little pup waddling around on Halloween dressed up as Spiderman or one of the golden girls?

Trick question, because no there is not.

And who are we to deny you of seeing the cutest costumes around. No need to thank us… we enjoyed this just as much as you will! So if you’re brainstorming what to dress your best friend in this halloween season, or if you’re just browsing for something cute, we’ve got you covered here!


Our favourite duo… Elmo and The Grouch

Aye aye captain!

How can you say no to this cute little sailor face?

I mean, LOOK at that smile… have you ever seen someone so happy to be a pumpkin?

1 Unicorn 2 Unicorn

One party pup coming right up!

Spider pup, spider pup.. does whatever a spider pup does

King of the jungle right here folks

Shop Jane pet costumes for your fury friend today!

Our Favorite Trader Joes Fall Finds

September 24, 2019


Ladies and Gentlemen, Fall has officially hit the ground running! How do we know this? Well besides the sudden explosion of sweaters and scarves in our closets, it has recently come to our attention that Trader Joes has released their iconic collection of fall flavored treats. You heard it here first folks! 

So naturally, we sent one of our janesters over to scope out this years’ selection and give you the quick and easy guide to the yummiest of treats our friends at Trader Joes has to offer. You know… just in case you need another excuse to cozy up at home and binge on pumpkin spice and maple goodness. 

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