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Clothes Pin Magnets - Set of 4


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Product Description

Whoever decided that magnets needed to be boring or dull? Spruce up your fridge, cabinet or anything magnetic with these fantastic magnets. These very cute clothespin magnets are perfect for holding an important memo, showcasing your child’s artwork, displaying a photo, your grocery list and so much more! Each clothespin has been individually mod podged with pretty scrap book paper, and also has a strong magnet. These really do hold weight! They will even be happy clipping your snacks shut to save them from going stale. Great little something for teachers, coworkers, secret pal, and more! The decorated clothespins come in a set of 4 and are clipped on a coordinating place card, ready for gifting.

Choose from 6 colors: black and white, light blue, tan, red, yellow, or green.

Seller Profile

Bluhm's Garden


$1.99 for the first item and $0.75 for each additional item. US only. Estimated to ship between Jun 7 - Jun 11.

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No limit per household.


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