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Secret Message Hand Stamped Cuff Bracelets


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Product Description

Sometimes a little secret message is what you need to get you through. This hand stamped secret message cuff bracelet made from lightweight thick 14 gauge pure Aluminum and measure 3/8" wide, 6" long, textured and polished.

They are perfect for your favorite saying, quote, or verse from a favorite song as well as special dates or messages.

You can choose to have words or an image stamped on the outside end of the cuff bracelet (as seen in the pictures). You can also have an image put on the inside with your message.


Please put the things I need to know in this format:

Outside End Left: Image or Max 10 characters (Including punctuation and spaces.)

Inside: MAX 40 characters (including spaces, images, and punctuation)

Outside End Right: Image or Max 10 characters (Including punctuation and spaces.)

(The left and right side is determined by looking straight on at the bracelet so that you can read the inside message. As if to read them all together. Examples above: the stars are on the "left" side of the two bracelets. On the "right" side, 2013.)

(If putting an image inside please state the image number in (here) how you would like it to appear with your text* Example: (12)I love you. Otherwise the number will be stamped!


1. Turtle
2. Lady Bug
3. Hootie
4. Baby Feet
5. Butterfly
6. Bird
7. Flourish
8. Rose
9. Gardenia
10. Blossom
11. Skull & Cross Bones
12. Swirly Heart
13. Heart
14. Key Hole
15. Key
16. Star
17. Cross
18. Left Wing
19. Right Wing
20. Peace
21. Medical Symbol
22. Combat Boots
23. Shield
24. Fire Hydrantz
25. EMS


Upper & Lower SpudLower Typewriter Only

**If you do not want something on both ends, please put "none" in the text box of your choice at checkout.**

**ONLY the stated number of letters, spaces, and punctuation marks will be stamped.


Seller Profile

Pebbles Jones


$2.99 for the first item and $0.75 for each additional item. US only. Estimated to ship by Jun 6.

Fine Print

No limit per household.


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