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Hand Stamped Initial Bangle Bracelet…Silver & GOLD!!


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This bracelet is a cute twist on a classic! It is a silver plated or gold plated expandable bangle that would compliment any outfit. It comes with one large pearl, one small heart charm, and up to 3 stamped initial pieces. Each disc will be stamped with one large initial in your choice of styles (uppercase only). The silver plated bangle will come with aluminum half inch rounds and the gold plated bangle will come with nu gold half inch rounds (copper and zinc mixture with the same beautiful coloring as gold).

The bangle is 8" around resting and can expand another 1.5" to go over your wrist when putting on or taking off. It is just the right size to have room to move for most wrists 6-7.5"!

These can be worn as a single piece or stacked together to represent multiple family initials! Perfect as an upcoming gift also! An ampersand or a large heart are also an option, so if you are representing two initials, it is a cute addition between the two!

Additional stamped pieces and jewels are available in our shop if you would like to visit and purchase there... . If purchasing additional pieces, please leave a note in reference to your Jane order so the two orders can be attached!

All of my pieces are hand cut and stamped, so each one has its own different character and will be custom made just for you!

For any questions or special requests, please email

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Ginger Squared


$3.50 for the first item and $1.00 for each additional item. US only. Estimated to ship by Sep 17.

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No limit per household


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