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$4.89 | 17 Inch Round Balloons - Set of 5 with 19 Color Choices!

17 Inch Round Balloons - Set of 5 with 19 Color Choices!
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Product Description

If you have loved the jumbo round balloons but prefer something smaller, these 17" round balloons are perfect! They are manufactured to exacting quality standards and can be inflated at a local party store. Each balloon will inflate to 17" round. They can inflate up to 20" with a slight oval shape.

Great for all parties and events. Combine them with larger balloons to create a unique look for a photo shoot, wedding, birthday party, big gathering, summer picnic, or anytime you need to mark your party space!

This deal is for a set of 5 balloons in your choice of 19 colors (any combination):

Dark Blue, Dark Green,  Tangerine ,Pale Blue,  Baby Pink, Cherry Red,  White,  Yellow,  Jewel Black,  Jewel Burgundy,  Jewel Yellow,  Diamond Clear (can fill with confetti),  Jewel Magenta,  Jewel Teal,  Jewel Purple,  Jewel Ruby,  Lime,  Gold,  Silver

Original Balloon Photographs by Party On! Designs & RubuPhotography - DO NOT PIN/SAVE/BLOG WITHOUT CREDIT.

Seller Profile

Party On! Designs


$2.65 for the first item and $0.79 for each additional item. US only. Estimated to ship by Sep 8.

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US Only


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