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Sole-Socks, the simple sock alternative


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Product Description

About: Sole-Socks are specialty insoles that have been created to replace socks. You can machine wash them when they smell and get dirty. Sole socks solve the many problems that we face when trying to pull off the no sock look. This is a deodorization, hygroscopic and breathable, shock- absorption insole that offers added comfort to your shoe. These also offer air circulation inside the shoe. The end result is that your feet are cool, dry and comfortable.


Sole- socks are specially designed with a plush terry cloth top, which absorbs the moisture and odor. The terry cloth is attached with a durable cotton outer layer of fabric and attached with a Bosnian embroidered stitch around the entire outer edge of the sole. The final component of the design is the base, this is designed in such a way to allow the sole to grip the inside of your shoe and prevent slipping.


We recommend you purchase the size of sole-sock that you would for shoes size. Sole-Socks are offered in whole sizes only, if you are a half size we recommend going down to the nearest whole size. For example if you are a size 9.5 you would order a size 9 Sole-Sock.

Care Instructions:

Sole-Socks are washing machine friendly; just throw them in the washer at the end of the day or after a few uses. We recommend air-drying Sole-Socks for longer sole life. They are designed to air dry very quickly and are ready to use with little wait time.

Available sizes

woman 5 

woman 6 

woman 7 

woman 8 

woman 9 

woman 10

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$2.00 for the first item and $1.00 for each additional item. US only. Estimated to ship by Aug 23.

Fine Print

Sole-Socks is not responsible for lost packages due to costumer error. Please make sure all shipping information is correct before submitting. All orders will be shipped 7 days after the sale ends. Thank you for your order and don't forget to visit us at


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