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$8.75 | Personalized Bag Tags by Simply Stella

Personalized Bag Tags by Simply Stella
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Product Description

These bag tags make the perfect “back to school” gift. Our 4 inch bag tags are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic. The design pressed into it so it will stay strong and beautiful! Each tag is printed with your child’s name on the front and your phone number on the back.

Bag Tag Options:

1.       Hot Pink & Golden Stripe

2.       Lime & Turquoise Stripe

3.       Turquoise & Purple Stripe

4.       Green & Navy Stripe

5.       Turquoise & Navy Stripe

6.       Golden & Purple Stripe

7.       Hot Pink &  Purple Stripe

8.       Light Blue & Navy Stripe

9.       Royal & Yellow Stripe

10.   Light Blue & Green Stripe

11.   Pink & Red Stripe

12.   Red & Navy Stripe

When checking out make sure you indicate what design you would like on your tag. For the personalization, please leave the name for the front and your phone number for the back.


FRONT: Stella

BACK: 337.555.1234

Seller Profile

Simply Stella


$3.99 for the first item and $1.00 for each additional item. US only. Estimated to ship by Aug 15.

Fine Print

Keep in mind that all monitors are different. A color may look darker on your monitor, but actually print a bit lighter or vice versa. We cannot offer a refund, unless there is an error made on our end or the item is damaged. Should this happen we will issue a replacement. Please double check your color choice and personalization box to make sure you have everything correct. Our tags are printed on using a sublimation process, they are not laminated paper;)


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