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HUGE BLOWOUT Pricing!  Camera Strap Slipcovers


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Product Description

HUGE BLOWOUT Pricing!  Camera Strap Slipcovers

All of these camera strap slipcovers are pre-made and will ship fast!  I am blowing these out at extremely low pricing... get them before they are gone!

These Chic Camera Strap Slipcovers will add the perfect touch to your Digital SLR Camera.  You aren’t boring… why should your camera be!?

The minky is so soft- it will save your neck and make your camera strap so much more comfortable!

Approx. Dimensions: 24” long x 2.25-2.5”wide

It will fit almost any digital SLR strap, but be sure to measure to be sure it will fit... you want the slipcover to be about an inch wider so that it will slide on easily.

-All my camera strap slipcovers come standard with the Highest Quality Designer Fabric and a Lens cap pocket that you can use for your lens cap and/or to store memory cards in.

-Please measure your lens cap to make sure it will fit.  Some bigger lens caps don’t fit but it’s still a great pocket to store memory cards or money in… and you don’t want to make the strap any wider to accommodate the larger lens caps or the slipcover would be sloppy!

-These are machine washable.  Just wash on gentle and lay to dry.

Just slip over your Digital SLR strap and go! It is that easy!

The options are listed below:

1- Pink and Brown Damask

2- BW Damask/Mint

3- BW Arrows/Black

4- BW Arrows/Teal

5- BW Arrows/Mint

6- Bright Pink Arrows/Bright Pink

7- Grey Arrows/Grey 

8- Grey Arrows/Mint

9- Grey Arrows/Yellow

10- Grey Arrows/Pink 

11- Gold Dots/Pink

12- Gold Dots/Bright Pink

13- Gold Dots/Mint

14- Gold Dots/Teal

15- Gold Dots/Navy 

16- Grey Damask/Grey 

17- Grey Chevron/Yellow 

18- Grey Chevron/Mint

19- Grey Chevron/Grey

20- Grey Chevron/Navy

21- Grey Chevron/Orchid

22- Grey Chevron/Bright Pink

23- Grey Chevron/Pink

24- Divine Damask/Mint 

25- Divine Damask/Bright Pink

26- BW Chevron/Pink

27- BW Chevron/Mint

28- BW Chevron/Orchid

Seller Profile

LaLa Couture Boutique


$3.99 for the first item and $1.99 for each additional item. US only. Estimated to ship by Aug 1.

Fine Print

Please choose options carefully, I can’t change orders after they are made.


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