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{6} Daisy Mason Jar Lids, optional Pulp Liners, 13 Colors, Set of 6, Made in USA


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>>><<<  As featured in Brides magazine  >>><<<

These SIX {6} Daisy cut flower lids are perfect for parties and weddings and will add a touch of rustic charm to any area. You can also use them as a whimsical flower vase, or put a tea light inside to give a wonderful glow through the daisy cut lid, or add some scented balls to the inside. You can cut out some pretty paper to display under the lid or some fabric for an extra splash of color. Perfect for Holiday gatherings and lazy afternoons, just add some paper straws and sip sip sip away! They will fit on any standard mouth jar (but NOT wide mouth jars), and the lids have a variegated or slightly marbleized finish giving them a distressed look, and are not scratches.

The Pewter, Antique Gold, Bronze & Gold lids include free cardboard-coated PULP LINERS which can be easily popped out from the lid, or kept in so you can use the lids to keep scent, liquid or contents from escaping!

To clean, hand wash with a mild soap and dry immediately. Made in the USA.

▼▼▼    My PAPER STRAWS are featured on today also:), they fit perfectly with these lids, or can be purchased from my store at:   ▼▼▼

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More Sprinkled Joy


$2.95 for the first item and $0.99 for each additional item. US only. Estimated to ship by Jul 28.

Fine Print

Limit 4 packs per order due to shipping restrictions, but you can place as many orders as you like per household *** Mason jars NOT included *** Will NOT fit wide mouth jars, only REGULAR/STANDARD mouth jars (any size capacity) Lids should be received between July 31 – Aug 2, depending on location – I ship from Utah. Follow me on Facebook: and Instagram: @sprinkledjoy_joy for exclusive giveaways and discounts XoXo


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