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CANNI Shellac/Gel Nail polish Kit by Lolly’s Pop


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Product Description

Just in time for Summer and the Fourth of JULY!! Say Hello to CANNI Shellac Gel Color Polish!! CANNI Shellac Polish applies just like regular nail polish but is then sealed instantly under a UV or LED Nail Lamp. Leaving nails noticeably shiny and smooth for up to 2 weeks. No more going to Salon for manicure, when you can do it on your own at home!!

Kit Includes (6 bottles total)

  • 1 * base coat 
  • 1* top coat
  • And 4  Perfect colors!!

Note: The lamp is not included in this offer please see lamp offer on our other Jane deal, 9 WATT LED NAIL LAMP BY LOLLY’S POP.

Gel color is SO EASY to apply! Directions are on the back of the box, but CANNI shellac gel color is applied in just a few easy steps!!

After the cuticles are pushed down and the nail shaped with a file, follow these 4 easy steps curing under light for 60 seconds between each step.

1.  Apply the base coat followed

2.  Apply first coat of Color Polish

3.  Apply second coat of Color Polish

4.  Apply the top coat.

5.  Cleanse the nail with rubbing alcohol and then you are DONE! You don’t have to cure after this step J

The result is shiny, beautiful nails that won’t chip or dull for up to two weeks! THIS IS FOR NAIL POLISH ONLY!

Combine this with our proven 9W LED curing lamp, also being sold on Jane today called 9 WATT LED NAIL LAMP BY LOLLY’S POP.

Seller Profile

Lolly's Pop


$3.99 for the first item and $1.99 for each additional item. US only. Estimated to ship by Jul 1.

Fine Print

Colors may vary slightly as pictures are not always accurate. Please note that in the FIREWORK Collection, the white polish is actually a SILVER/WHITE GLITTERY color and not WHITE like the bottle shows. Please contact with any questions or concerns. For more tips and tricks on how to apply the perfect CANNI shellac polish, visit our blog at


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