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Handmade Bird’s Nest Birthstone Necklace


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Product Description

A slightly different take on the birds nest necklace with more of an elegant feel. This necklace features a wire wrapped silver nest and a silver sparrow placed higher up on the chain flying back to its nest.

You chose the number of and color of the eggs up to four. Chain measures 18" and includes a small "made with love" charm by the clasp. If you do not want the bird on your chain please let me know. Angel wings are available to add to your necklace if you would like to represent a lost loved one who is watching over your nest. See my Etsy page for more information.

All birthstone colors are available plus white, turquoise & dark pink (not pictured).

Quality crafted parts are nickel & lead free. Birds & wire made in USA.

Choose from:

  • Number of and color of eggs.
  • Kinked or clean line nest

**When ordering please fill in the number of eggs (up to 4) and what birthstones you would like for each (ex: Egg 1/Emerald, Egg 2/Diamond)

Seller Profile

The Full Nest


$2.00 for the first item and $1.00 for each additional item. US only. Estimated to ship by Feb 9.

Fine Print

No two items are exactly alike. Nest is about the size of a nickel and light weight.


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