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$7.99 | Silicone Push Up Popsicle 4 Pack!

Silicone Push Up Popsicle 4 Pack!
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Product Description

Grab your Easter Bunny Special!!!  Summer is on it’s way and you know what

that means…POPSICLE SEASON!  With these great silicone push up popsicle makers, it allows you to make your own healthy summertime treat.  Without a dripping stick an plastic wrappers laying around, it means less mess on the kids and less mess in your house or yard!  It also comes with a lid to snap on if your child can’t finish it…less waste!  Easy to make and dishwasher safe.  Comes in 5 fun summer colors, but quantities are limited. 

Choose from an assortment of packs containing:
  • Blue
  • Hot Pink
  • Red
  • Bright Green
  • Orange
Pack options:
  • 2 Hot Pink/2 Blue
  • 2 Red/2 Blue
  • 2 Green/2 Blue
  • 2 Red/2 Green
  • 2 Hot Pink/2 Green
  • 2 Hot Pink/2 Red
  • 2 Orange/2 Red
  • 4 Hot Pink

Seller Profile

DG Boutique


$3.99 for the first item and $1.99 for each additional item. US only. Estimated to ship by Mar 27.

Fine Print

No limit per household. Item will ship within 7 days. Color may differ slightly due to monitor settings. We are not responsible for shipping issues due to customer error, so please double check your mailing address before you purchase. We are not responsible for items lost in transit or that may be lost after it has received a delivered status. Returns and exchanges will only be accepted within 14 days after your item has been received. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at


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