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“Clickin’ It” Photography Workbook!


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Hi, I’m Madison Vining of Over the last few years I have built a truly thriving photography business. I have been published in magazines, featured on blogs, and I’ve even begun teaching others how to get the most of out of their DSLR cameras. It has been a dream come true, and the journey of a thousand miles truly did begin with a single step. That step was learning to shoot in manual mode!

If you own a DSLR camera or are looking into purchasing one, you’ll want to master the skill of shooting in manual mode. Oh how I wish this workbook were available when I was learning! In it, you will learn how to master that gorgeous sunlit glow and creamy background blur. You will learn how to take photos at your children’s sporting events, how to take the most professional-looking portraits of them (in any lighting situation!) and you will even learn a special trick to use when shooting outdoors. If you dream of starting your own photography business, this is the starting point. Don’t let another day go by where that fabulous camera you invested in goes unused because it’s just too confusing. I promise you, it is SO not! With this workbook at your side, you will absolutely be snapping gorgeous images of your loved ones (or clients, if that’s your dream) in NO time. I LOVE seeing moms’ and artists’ work bloom when they kick auto and begin shooting in solely manual. Share as MANY “after” photos as you wish with me at After all, you’ll need somewhere to brag!

Enjoy your workbook!


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Madison Vining Photography


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