With Valentine’s Day on its way faster than Cupid’s arrow, it’s time to find gifts for your loved ones! Today we’re talking about the 5 love languages — Jane-style. Use the Jane love language quiz to discover your language and the right fit for all your gifts. 

There are five choices to choose from for each question. After you’ve answered them all, add up your A’s through E’s to find your love language.

1. Which is most meaningful to you?

a. Hearing the words “I love you.”

b. When I receive a gift for no special reason.

c. When my partner does the dishes without me asking.

d. Spending my lunch break with a friend.

e. Getting a hug from someone I care about.

2. Which is your favorite activity out of the following?

a. Writing letters to loved ones.

b. Shopping for a birthday gift.

c. Volunteering at the animal shelter.

d. Going on a hike with my best friend.

e. Cuddling and watching a movie with my significant other.

3. What’s your ideal vacation destination?

a. Barcelona, Spain

b. Beijing, China

c. Tokyo, Japan

d. New York, USA

e. Rome, Italy

4. When you’re feeling down, you’d like your partner to…

a. Say “It’s going to be okay, I believe in you.”

b. Come home with flowers.

c. Cook breakfast and eat together in bed.

d. Spend the day with me relaxing.

e. Give me a hug and kiss.

5. It’s almost Valentine’s Day. What are you getting for your Valentine?

a. A new watch or necklace.

b. A cute outfit.

c. Something with their name (or my name) on it.

d. That home decoration they’ve been eyeing for a while now.

e. The gift of pampering.

The 5 Jane Love Languages

1. If you answered mostly A’s, your love language is Cute Compliments.

Receiving regular compliments is important. You need uplifting words and positive talk from those you care about in order to thrive. Your ideal gift is Jewelry & Accessories. A little trinket to go with a thoughtful letter is the perfect combo.

2. If you answered mostly B’s, your love language is Perfect Presents.

You find extra meaning and joy in receiving gifts. A present from your partner is more than just stuff. It’s a treasure to cherish. You don’t care about the price tag or the brand name, it’s the thought that counts. Your perfect gift is a new outfit from the Women’s Category.

3. If you answered mostly C’s, your love language is Happy Helper.

You don’t just talk the talk, you walk the walk. You go above and beyond to show affection. It doesn’t matter if it’s something small like washing the dishes or walking the dog, Happy Helpers are just that — happy to help! The best  gift for you is something Personalized to show just how important you are to your loved ones.

4. If you answered mostly D’s, your love language is Time Together.

Time together is time well-spent. You adore spending quality time with those you love. Whether it’s watching a movie on the couch, going for a walk in the park, or eating dinner, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re together and giving each other your undivided attention. Your ideal gift is a new addition to your Home for all those cozy moments spent together.

5. If you answered mostly E’s, your love language is Tap and Touch.

A tap on the shoulder, a warm hug, a good cuddle — that physical connection holds a lot of value. If you find yourself constantly trying to get as close as possible to those you care about, this is your language of love. The right gift for you is Beauty & Wellness for the ultimate pampering experience.