They say you can tell a lot about someone based on the contents of her purse. So, what would our beloved Jane shopper’s handbag have to say about her? Let’s sift through the stray mints, bobby pins and coins to get a glimpse of all the good stuff she’s packing:


Her bag is her sidekick. Spacious, sturdy and, of course, cute. A good handbag and a Jane shopper go together like two peas in a pod.

cream handbag with floral details


bright red sunglasses with tinted glass

She protects those eyes, accentuates her outfit and adds a little intrigue with a pair of sleek sunnies.



She’s always doing her future self a favor and stashing smart snacks in her bag. Looking for inspiration? Here are a few healthy recipes you can take on the go.



Like you, she has all sorts of big ideas. Adorable pens make it easier to stay on top of that to-do list and even do some doodling.

pink feather pen and blue pen with gold details


These welcoming little essentials invite the Jane shopper to journal about her day. Check out our favorite designs!

polka dot notebook with red ribbon and plain brown notebook





The summertime playlist is in full rotation. When she can’t blast it out loud, the right headphones are a must! We’re in love with this pink-gold pair. Or, if you’re looking for an investment piece, look no further.

pink earbuds with music notes

bright blue water bottle with water drops

Summer is no time to get dehydrated from sun rays and heat waves, so she carries the snazziest water bottle she can find. See a few of our favorite styles.



Whatever type of hairdo she has, a Jane shopper needs a trusty scrunchie to get that hair out of the way in the heat.



This is one accessory she needs every day: her phone case. Here are our current faves! Snapping pics in the splash zone? You’ll want one of these.

pink phone with floral design and pink cord



green, orange, blue and red books stacked

It’s not all about screen time. The Jane shopper loves her page time as well. She carries a book she can’t put down and picks it up every chance she gets.

What to read? Reese Witherspoon’s book club is a good start.


After she dives in the pool to cool off, she may want to touch up a bit afterward! Nothing too flashy. Perhaps some blush, plus a little this and that.



A pop of fun lip color enhances any look. Not feeling that bold? A swipe of lip balm or clear gloss will do the trick!

pink lipstick in black and silver tube



Underneath all the adornments, the Jane shopper is pretty practical. She never sacrifices safety in the sun. She starts her day with sunscreen, and carries extra in case of extra rays.

What kind? Take a page from the beauty experts at

blue bottle of sunscreen with light yellow dot


That’s the Jane shopper’s summer bag!

Now, what will she add to it this autumn? A scarf for the dropping temperature? Hand sanitizer for the cold season?

Tell us all about your fall purse essentials!