transition your wardrobe from summer to fall

With summer quickly coming to an end, we’ve got fall on our minds: with everything from ankle boots, jackets, and scarves, to cool weather textiles like corduroy, denim, and suede. But just because the season’s changing doesn’t mean you have to do a complete wardrobe swap—there are plenty of ways to make summer styles fresh for fall. Here are Jane’s simple tips to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall:

Layer up.

transition your wardrobe from summer to fall

Layering is the first (and easiest) rule of transitioning between seasons. Wear summer dresses with a vegan leather jacket and tights, and add fall accessories like scarves, vests, and beanies for a cozy look that you can wear to the football stadium or for Thanksgiving dinner. A white summer sundress will instantly become autumn appropriate with a a little bit of texture. Our recommendation: add a suede vest, ankle boots, and knee socks.

Mix and match.

transition your wardrobe from summer to fall

The idea here is to marry the two seasons through colors and fabrics. Give airy pastel summer skirts a fall twist with a jewel-tone cardigan or long-sleeve top. Leather booties with a cotton sundress will give your look an autumn edge, and bare legs will show off that late summer tan. Wear your favorite summertime blouses with suede mini skirts, corduroy jumpers, or cropped jeans. And don’t forget about chunky knit accessories, suede baseball caps, and statement jewelry.

Build outfits shoe first.

Shoes are the most difficult item to transition between seasons. Sandals and open-toe shoes are strictly warm-weather appropriate, while boots and flats have a place in the fall and winter months. But you can give your favorite summer looks a fall twist by swapping out your footwear. Wear heels and above the ankle socks with skirts you would normally pair with strappy sandals. Pair loafers with any look that you’d wear with sandals, open-toe flats, or boat shoes.

Guys can work it, too.

transition your wardrobe from summer to fall

Transitioning a wardrobe between seasons isn’t just for gals—help your guy make the most of his summer pieces by layering. He can layer multiple tees, some peeking out at the hem or showing through with different sleeve lengths for a fun look. Or wear a light jacket over a casual shirt, and add dark-colored socks to boat shoes and loafers.

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