Fall is in full force, bringing cooler temperatures, fluffy socks and all our favorite pumpkin spiced… well… everything. Because we know you’ll be wearing sweaters every day of the season, we’ve put our fashion minds together to give you the perfect sweater based on your autumn personality.

Cozy by the Fire = Oversized

Welcome to the season of all things cozy. If you’re the type to break out fall-scented candles, work on your “to-read” list and drink your weight in apple cider, an oversized sweater is your best friend. After all, what better way to spend these cooler days than cuddled up with your favorite blanket and a soft sweater?

*Style tip: 

The best companion for cozy sweaters? Cozy socks. It’s just common sense, isn’t it? So keep warm and add these to your wardrobe this fall!

Road trips + Hiking = Cable Knit

Does the thought of chilly weather and crunchy leaves make you want to get outdoors? While you’re packing your road-trip map and hiking shoes, be sure to include a cable knit sweater. This chunky layer will keep out the cold, while you breathe in the crisp air and enjoy the colorful autumn leaves. Plus, the unique designs add extra texture and interest to your outfit. Make sure to snap some pictures during your autumn expeditions! 

*Style Tip: 

Pair this sweater with our favorite fall accessory: a hat. Whether you like wide-brimmed hats or baseball caps, we’ve got a variety of hats to fit your style.

Baking + Cookies = Scoop-Neck

With fall comes pumpkin pie, apple-cider doughnuts and so many other delicious spiced goods. If you’re the type to spend your fall days cooking up a storm and gifting homemade pies to all your neighbors, this sweater is made for you. Laid-back and loose-fitting, a low scoop-neck is both comfortable and easy to cover with an apron, so you can keep flour at bay. Roll up those sleeves and you’re ready to go. 

*Style Tip:

If you’re running out the door for any quick errand, tie a scarf around your neck to keep extra warm and add that little touch of extra style.

Football Game Social Butterfly = Ruffles

 The coming of fall also means—you guessed it—football season. If you find yourself amped up for your favorite football team and making appearances at all the local football games, we’re crowning you the social butterfly. With that title, you deserve a sweater that matches your bubbly personality. You’ll look ravishing in a ruffle sweater. Playful and elegant at the same time — much like a butterfly’s wings — ruffles are the perfect statement piece for a social butterfly. 

*Style Tip:

Dress your sweater up with some cute hair accessories! Our personal favorite for the season: hair clips.

Pumpkin Patch = Knit Cardigan

Once the air turns crisp and the leaves change color, chances are you’re flocking to the pumpkin patch. Whether your pumpkin is large and round, mini and cute or even the runt of the family, this is the place to experience all that the season has to offer. We know you’re going to want to look cute in all those insta-worthy photos you take with your besties,  so up your success with the cutest sweater staple. A knit cardigan is perfect for keeping cozy and looking cute, not to mention that it goes with pretty much any outfit! 

*Style Tip:

Pair it with a cute fall-themed graphic tee.

Corn Maze + Haunted House = Animal Print 

If you’re lining up outside spooky haunted houses and eagerly watching reruns of Friday the 13th… we’re guessing you’re a little bolder than the rest of us. What matches your bold personality more than an animal print sweater? Switch up the fall sweater game and face your wild side! After all, trendsetters aren’t timid. 

*Style Tip

Go extra wild by pairing your sweater with animal-print shoes for double the fierceness.