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This summer, we’re all aboard for nautical style! Whether it’s bon voyage or bon backyard, we love this shipshape trend. Check out some ways to incorporate this cool trend into your closet.

Stripes Are Key

Jane’s fashion director, Grant, says: “Stripes are always a major aspect of any well-done nautical outfit. Go more bold this season by pairing different stripes together, or pairing neutral stripes with a solid, bold color.”

Tip: Wondering what color to pair your stripes with? You can’t go wrong with bright red.

women's striped nautical clothing

Wear Americana Colors

Classic Americana colors set the standard for a summer look and are an essential aspect of any nautical outfit. Red, white and blue look good on you. Bonus: With Americana colors, you’ll have your Fourth of July outfit ready to go! 

Tip: White matches practically everything and is the perfect color to cool down in on a hot summer day.

women's americana clothing

Relaxed Silhouettes Are In

A nautical outfit is a comfy outfit. Grant says, “Silhouettes this year are relaxed and effortless letting the colors and patterns take the stage.”  

Tip: Add a splash of nautical style to any outfit with rope and boating details found in accessories.

women's americana and nautical clothing

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