summer beach wave tutorial

We’re back with another Jane at Home post! Saige, one of Jane’s very own hairdressers, is teaching us how to create beautiful beach waves with the Be Professional Waver. You’ll love this quick and easy summer hairstyle.

be.professional hair waver

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make your own waves:

  1. Start by sectioning the hair. (Alligator clips are a big help.)
  2. Take sections of hair — the smaller the section, the tighter the wave. (If you have thin hair, you can take smaller sections. If you have thicker hair, take bigger sections.)
  3. Begin clamping the top of the hair and work your way to the bottom. Clamp the first section, then clamp the next section right after the very first bump.
  4. Continue on to the next section of hair and repeat.
  5. For the top layer (last layer of hair) you can use the Be Professional Waver as a wand to create loose curls.
  6. Saige likes to use a regular curling iron for the last layer. The waver creates the right amount of volume and thickness underneath.
  7. Take small sections of hair on the top layer and curl. Use fingers to pull curls and waves together and add some texturizing spray to get that beachy, messy, lived-in look.
wave hair tutorial
wave hair
jane's hairstylist saige

Get your own Be Professional Waver right here on Jane, to set yourself up with the perfect summer hairstyle.