Gif of stocking being filled with various stocking stuffers ideas.

Nothing says Christmas morning like Christmas stockings. While some people may overlook stockings, we have some tips and tricks straight from Santa to help keep up the excitement and make you a stocking stuffing expert.

1. Tailor each stocking to the recipient

The most important tip we can give you is to really think about each person whose stocking you’re filling. Make sure you find small gifts, candy, toys, or gadgets that are right for the person’s taste and age. For example, kids might not love getting socks in their stockings but older teens or young adults might really appreciate them.

2. Start stuffing with an orange

An orange is a classic stocking stuffer piece. The perfect place to put it is right in the toe of the stocking. This helps to keep the shape and allow you to build from there. Best of all, it’s also great for every age, gender, and diet!

3. Be strategic

From there, you need to be strategic about how you fill the stocking. If you’re including fragile candy or items, maybe wait until the end to place them toward the top. If you’re wrapping some small gifts inside the stocking, this could be a great place to put them if they’re substantial or in a box.

4. Make the space work for you

In the long side of the stocking or the “leg” place straight objects like pencils, candy canes, palettes, etc. This will help the stocking maintain its shape while also making the best use of space.

5. Something cute and exciting peeking out

For the final piece, place something special and unwrapped peeking out of the top. This will not only make it visually pleasing but also excite the recipient about opening the rest of the stocking when the time comes. Part of the magic of Christmas is the anticipation of opening gifts, right?

We hope these stocking stuffing tips help you be more mindful about how to make your family’s Christmas morning stockings even more special. 

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