If you’re a fashionista who loves to shop ‘til you drop, chances are you’re a big fan of New York Fashion Week. This past week, all the latest fashions have been hitting the runway and we’re in love.

But #realtalk: a lot of the fashions you see on the runway aren’t exactly ideal for everyday living. I mean, I love a red carpet dress as much as the next gal, but when I’m feeding sweet potatoes to my one-year-old and trying to stop my other kiddos from climbing on the furniture like they’re scaling Mount Everest, I need something a litttttle more practical. That’s why this week we’re talking all about how to work those runway styles without 1) throwing away your life savings 2) sacrificing comfort.

So let’s take a look at this fall’s hot-off-the-runway styles and realistic styles.

1. Fur Vests

fur vest runway to reality fashion

The perfect way to dress up a basic dress or shirt. Plus, a great transitional item as the weather starts to cool down. As much as I love the runway style, I can’t imagine that baby staying on my shoulders for more than a few seconds. For me, the reality style is lighter, chic and will make it look like you got ready for the day. Talk about a win.

2. Jumpsuits

jumpsuits rompers runway to reality fashion

Next up, jumpsuits! Can anyone really deny this adorable item? And while I’d love to make the kind of killer entrance this beauty does on the runway, I’m not sure I can pull off that long train in my hallway—let alone at the grocery store. But when it comes to the reality style, the jumpsuit looks stylish, but also like it could be as comfy as PJs. I’d like 10 in my size, please.

3. Overalls

overalls runway to reality fashion

The 90s just called and they said these updated overall styles are ON POINT! Overalls have gotten a face lift over the decades, and they’re hitting the runway AND Jane! If you could grab the runway style or reality style, which would you choose?

4. Utility Jackets

utility jacket runway to reality fashion

Everyone ready for the cooler weather? We know just how you can stay warm. Utility jackets are a hot runway item that also come in a more practical style. I think both jackets are actually pretty cute, but which is your favorite?

5. Plaid Shirts

plaid shirt runway to reality fashion

Nothing says fall y’all like a plaid shirt. And good news, plaid is “IN” this year! And we’ve got the runway pics to prove it ;) What we love most about the reality style is it’s cute, versatile, and easy to wear everywhere.

What items are you most excited about seeing on Jane this season? Let us know below!