Happy Pisces season! If you’re a Pisces you were born between February 19 and March 20. Pisces is a water sign and is known for being dreamy, emotional and intuitive. Ruled by the planet Neptune, this sign is naturally inclined to be musical and is usually very creative. Inspired by their creativity, we put together a style guide of items we know Pisces will love.

Flowy, Dresses and Skirts

Because they are water signs, they want space to move around and feel free. Look for pieces that aren’t form-fitting and have a touch of romantic flair to them.

Sandals and Open-toed Heels

These free spirits don’t like footwear that’s too restrictive or over-the-top. Keep it simple with sandals or open-toed heels.

Matching Sets

Pisces may be creative but they usually want to focus their energy on creating their own art or finding inspiration in their dreams. Matching loungewear sets are the perfect way to combine these two loves for days spent creating and/or catching up on sleep.


In warmer weather, Pisces loves to keep it simple with a pair of shorts. Whether they’re cozy, lounge shorts or denim, let your legs free and explore.

Are you a Pisces? What would you add to our style guide?